Take your place in the Inquisition – Practice Round

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to record some practice rounds of the two scripts available to submit for the Dragon Age Inquisition voice contest. Please note the following:

You can only submit ONE of the two scripts, so choose wisely.
I recorded with Garageband.
I used a Samson C01U mic.
Make sure you drink water! Doing lines over and over again will dry your throat out.
NO SPICY FOODS (but God, do I want some Andy Capp’s Hot Fries right now…)
Do your best, take your time and HAVE FUN.

Go over the lines with friends or even yourself. Get used to the words that will be pouring out of your mouth. I had the hardest time saying “could locate” quickly for some reason. Good luck to everyone submitting a recording! And just know that even if you are not picked as the winner of this contest, your voice was heard by the Dragon Age team! How exciting is that?