Nerdy and Geeky 2014 Valentine’s Day poems as requested by you!


Hello everyone! I had a blast writing these short poems for all of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in my request for Valentine’s Day poetry suggestions! I took to Twitter and tweeted all of the poems but as I know many of you were busy during the corporate holiday, I’ve compiled all of them here for your viewing pleasure. I hope you all had a wonderful Friday and I hope you will partake in this little tradition next year! As an added treat for those new to the tradition, I added the 2013 poems toward the end! Hugs all around!

Vday 2014

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

I can’t give you rings

Or a wedding with bells

But you’re my favorite person

On the citadel

Edward Kenway from AC4

I’ve traveled across the seas

In piracy, played my part

But what I did not expect

Was for you to steal my heart

Booker from Bioshock Infinite

Massacres, debts, portals..

My memories are skewed

But so long as you’re here

My worries are few

Cross parody Twitter account of Archer and Commander Shepard

You saved the galaxy

With guns a blazing

So get in my mouth (Bloody Mary)


RWBY created by Monty Oum

Ladies of RWBY!

We don’t care about dust

But having you in our lives

Is always a must

Poem to TellTale Games

Thanks to you & zombies

I have mental issues

because of your fine writing

I need more damn tissues.

From the Fallout Lonestar team to the community

Through mutants and Raiders

Famine and desert sand

This vday note will get to you

come hell or the Wasteland

Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect

Saving earth, tango dancing

You have amazing abilities

But for Vday, I have other ideas

starting w/ reach & flexibility.

Kefka from FFVI

Espers in my grasp

Oh, my precious little toys

Do not fret, you’ll be with me

When the world is destroyed

To Team Behemoth

Your games are so cute

So refreshing and clever

Blue knight is my hero &

you’re the best chicken ever

Vaas from Farcry 3

I try and try again

but romance is a calamity

my loves die quite literally

Do you know the definition of insanity?

Hawke from Dragon Age 2

From Hightown to Darktown

You are adored by all

Sending blessings & love

To my champion of Kirkwall.

Fallout (General)

Wasteland adventures with you

I’ve known from the start

I’d give up my Pip Boy for you

Have I lockpicked your heart?

Link from Legend of Zelda

The princess needs a hero

Hyrule, a Triforce

But I only need one thing

And that’s you, of course!

Alistair from Dragon Age Origins

I found something for you

A gift…I suppose

It complements your beauty

This perfect little rose

Rikku from FFX

I fear for us and Yunie

as we battle against Sin

But with you next to me

I know we shall win

Loki from Thor

Choose me over my brother?

You see not a monster damned?

I know not how, yet you do

accept me as I am

Rinoa from FFVIII

Grateful for SeeD but

The final battle is soon

Join me again, won’t you

for a waltz on the moon?

2013 Valentine’s Day Poems

Valentine’s Day: A day to love others but most importantly yourself

Courtesy of Bioware/EA's Dragon Age franchise

Courtesy of Bioware/EA’s Dragon Age franchise

It’s the time of year again when my timelines on Twitter, Facebook and other various public forums are saturated in Valentine’s Day e-cards, posts, and jokes (some funny, some sarcastic). Most of these posts are entertaining and bring a smile to my face, but there are some I’ve read that really have me concerned. I have friends that are in relationships and others who are not. Some people I know are genuinely sad about not being able to spend this “holiday” with someone. I am generally empathetic and sympathetic when people I care about are sad about X situation, but Vday is one of the few times out of the year that I express some tough love.

YOU WILL BE FINE. Why allow the poison of “all I see is happiness around me and because I don’t have that happiness, I will be bitter and jaded” into your heart? I write this as a friend because I do care about your sadness, and I know how you feel. But trust me, if you don’t love yourself, you will still be miserable on this holiday even if you are with someone. So what if you don’t have someone that will give you flowers or chocolates or a signed card? You know what? TREAT YOURSELF THEN. Go out and get what you want. When was the last time you spoiled yourself? You may have been paying attention to everyone else but you, so curb that behavior and take care of yourself.

When your confidence in yourself builds up, others will take notice. It makes you more attractive, more approachable, and better yet, you feel good about being you. It’s not a bad thing to place your happiness in someone else’s hands every so often, but only you can make yourself truly happy. Once you have yourself figured out, everything else falls into place. Please do not use this holiday as a reason to settle for someone that is not compatible for you. I do not ever want you to think “I don’t want to be alone on this day, so this person will do.” Get over that because YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT, and that person deserves better too. If you truly want to date someone, both of you deserve 100%. Anything less, and you will fail.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a standard you hold for your potential partner either. Yes, it’s nice to have the candy, the nice dinner, the… whatever these romantic couples do nowadays (I’m so out of the loop)… but it’s how your partner treats you the rest of the year that matters more. Your partner should love you, respect you and make you feel good about yourself every day. Find someone that makes you want to be a better person, someone that challenges you, someone that can make you smile over the phone. THAT kind of bond is worth more than all the candied hearts and teddy bears in the world. When you focus on that (if you are indeed searching for a partner) then Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar.

To those who are spending the day with a special someone, I wish you long lasting happiness! To those who are not, one day you will look back on your past self and think “why did I ever feel this way? I’m totally awesome now!” and I wish you more days of feelings such a way.

So happy red corporate leeching love day, and here’s a bunch of virtual hugs for all of my internet friends.


Image by Deviant Artist planb23

Image by Deviant Artist planb23

Video game character poems for Valentine’s Day!

It is the month of LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! And I understand that some of us may be spending that special day with that special someone and others may be enjoying just another day of February. Last year, I decided to have some fun with the corporate holiday and I created poems on Twitter for people that wanted to express their V-day love for their favorite video game characters. I intend on doing more this year. If you want me to create a short ABCB for you, please comment here or let me know on Twitter! Here’s what I came up with last year.

Hawke from Dragone Age 2:

My love for you is red,

the steel I carry is blue,

I’ll be your Champion forever…

Want a sandwich?

Fenris from Dragon Age 2:

Hatred of magic burns red

Lyrium in veins is blue

I hate those damn apostates

But I’ll make an exception for you ❤

Anders from Dragon Age 2:

I’d see all Templars dead

Our fight is strong and true

Because someone like me

Could love someone like you

Garrus from Mass Effect:

Either on the Citadel

Or as a shining star

Whatever happens to me

I’ll see you at that bar

Caboose from Red vs Blue:

Sarge is red

Look, I’m blue!

Muffins are good

Sheila I made one- Touch.

Master Chief from Halo:

The war zone is red

We fight for days anew

I’ll do anything for peace

Even take my helmet off for you

Link from Zelda:

Rubies are red

Sapphires are blue

Hyrule, the Triforce or love?

I’ll always choose you

Legion from Mass Effect:

We may not be with you

But stray not from your goal

My thanks, Shepard Commander

For I now have a soul

Grunt from Mass Effect:





Leliana from Dragon Age:

I’ll sing for you forever

If that is what you desire

but come, it’s warmer in my tent

Than it is by the fire

Varric from Dragon Age 2:

Enough drink for me.

Oh, I can beat you at your game!

But I’ve a maiden awaiting me,

Bianca is her name

Chrono Trigger:

Saving the world across times,

we make a fantastic pair.

Won’t you join me, fair princess

at The Millenial Fair?

Cortana from Halo:

Lacking human form

I cannot touch or feel

A.I form be damned

I know this love is real.

Zevran from Dragon Age:

What if Isabela joins us?

She is a fantastic lead!

Ouch, I am joking!

You are all the warden I need ❤

Isabela from Dragon Age 2:

A captain without a ship

I suppose it is fate

At sea I wouldn’t have found

my charming first mate.

Wesker from Resident Evil:

Red wine, candled dinner

Relax. Unhinge.

Heard of Uroburos?

Oh, don’t mind the syringe..>=]

Sebastian from Dragon Age 2:

Vengeance has blinded

but Andraste made me see

War’s victory means nothing

If you are not with me

Sten from Dragon Age:

Your ways are strange

I’ve the Qun, and you your creed

But when I go to battle

You and Asala are all I need

Samus from Metroid:

Bounty hunters don’t love.

But if you fill that void,

will you be here forever

for me and little Metroid?

Haytham Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 3:

For you Ill set aside my mission

I’ll resist the Templars’ call

Based on one condition

Mind the tricorn hat is all 😉

Allistair from Dragon Age:

Of all our companions,

It’s you I enjoy most

I thank the Maker daily,

that I’m your lamp post.

There you have the 2013 Valentine’s Day poems. So let me know what you all want to see!