My horrible morning didn’t dictate how the rest of my day would be, and I am grateful for that

Today started out horribly. I had my heart set on donating plasma this morning; I even woke up at 6am to beat the rush. After two hours of paperwork, tests and blood work, I was rejected. I had glucose in my system and they can’t accept that in any donation. I was heartbroken. I had no idea that I would be sent into such a sad mood. I’m the second rarest blood type, so this really put a damper on my spirits. Later today, the DMV site locked me out and I couldn’t register my car online, so I had to visit an actual DMV office. I became even more upset. Even did a vine about it all.

Be happy

But who would have thought the DMV of all places would put the biggest smile on my face?

I got my car registered just now. And the lady handed me the new plates. They looked weird only because they were a set of numbers and letters that I had never seen before and suddenly, they were mine to display for probably the next 15 years. I can’t tell you guys how incredible it felt to hold on to those thin metallic rectangles. I just thought “holy…, I bought myself a car.” I remember when I thought earning $20 for teaching piano lessons was a big deal. Now here I am, and I spent thousands on a new car that was paid for with money I earned and saved on my own. I didn’t ask for help (other than choosing the actual car) and I didn’t have to go into debt in order to pay for it. My savings and checking account are nowhere near what they used to be, but I was saving up for a car for many years, and I did it!

I feel…incredibly proud of myself. This is figuratively and literally the biggest purchase of my life and it’s really mine.


I’m awesome at adulting. It’s time for some mf-ing cereal.

I have few memories of Monty Oum, but they are all good and treasured

All of the staff members at Rooster Teeth are so giving of their time to their fans and community that it makes you wonder how they possibly had the energy to add a unique 40+ hour job to their weeks. That can really be said of Monty Oum more than anyone else. I saw Dead Fantasy 2 first before I saw any of his other work. Even now, that video is still mesmerizing and my mind is blown every time I try to process how much creativity and effort it took to make just one of his videos.

Social media has always been a sanctuary for my mind (which is a watered down way of saying I’m addicted to it), so I naturally followed as many RT staff members on Twitter as I could. It wasn’t just their work work that was fascinating but each of them were their own person and had vastly different personalities. When you step back and see them as separate people from their camera embodiments, you see them in a whole different light. Monty in particular, however, was quite the same although it was apparent that he would have hundreds and probably thousands of 140 characters conversations if he could. It was there that I started interacting with him, and I was always surprised when he would respond back. He has admitted on more than one occasion that he wished he had more time to connect with his followers, but he hoped that pouring himself into his work for everyone’s enjoyment helped make up for that.

My first impressions of Monty (prior to personally meeting him) was that he was stoic and robotic. I thought work was all he cared about because it was all he did. But as I observed his work over time, I realized other things about him. He loved to dance, he loved macarons and Cambodian Chicken Stir Fried Curry, he affectionately trolled other RT staff, and holy shit was he fashionable. I went through my Twitter archive trying to find little interactions here and there I had with Monty. And while they were very short and fleeting moments in the grand picture of life, I cherish them. I will not hide the fact that I fangirled a tiny bit at the beginning of our friendship.


I attended RTX 2012 as a regular attendee. I wasn’t able to see everyone I wanted or get their autographs/pictures, and I missed Monty completely. That was going to change at RTX 2013.  Of course, like every RTX attendee, I was excited to head over to Austin and enjoy the festivities. So when the time came again to prepare for RT related shenanigans:


I met Monty for the first time at the RT Sidequest charity auction, and I made good on my promise to hug him. I literally ran across the room, shouted his name and promptly glomped him. Part of me was afraid I would trip over something and fall flat on my face, but I was going to see someone I admired and adored, so I didn’t care. During this time, I was becoming more involved with the RT community and even hosted my first RT Vegas event. This community became my family. I saw the staff members as actual friends, fun people I could talk to and have a good time with. I don’t remember what I said to Monty, but he laughed and it was an awesome, genuine laugh. It was then that I realized how down to earth he was. Brilliant mind that he had, he was very easy to talk to. Fellow RT community member BaghdadBean caught the moment and I am beyond grateful.


RT Sidequest Charity Auction 2013

First impression after meeting Monty was HOLY F*** this guy dresses so much better than me. Everything he had on was utilized to perfection. I don’t even know how he came up with that collaboration, but he was classy and he wasn’t afraid to show it. It was my first time being a Guardian at RTX that year and I was honored to be chosen as part of the PA team. The ongoing joke was that Monty probably had an elaborate outfit for each day of the con. That totally was not a joke when RTX rolled around. I grabbed one final picture with him when RTX officially ended. The staff stayed behind to spend time and talk to all the Guardians when the con closed. It was their way of showing appreciation for all the work that was done over the weekend. My interaction with Monty was short, but unforgettable.


Fast forward to PAX East 2014, I ran into Monty again through mutual friends and that was the first time I met Sheena. Pictures of them together cannot possibly convey how adorable they are in person. Monty was always private about his romantic life, and it was at that time I saw an affectionate side to him, so it was pretty obvious that Sheena was very special to him. He introduced us, and I remember thinking “wow… Monty Oum knows my name.” It sounds silly, but when someone you highly respect acknowledges you, there is a feeling of elation. I was helping out a friend with a Mass Effect panel and photoshoot, and Monty and Sheena mentioned they would try to stop by the shoot to say hi. They did. RT had a booth at PAX East, so they were busy, but they took the time to chat for a bit. Few words were exchanged due to time, but the gesture remained. In the back of my mind, I thought, “geez, you guys don’t have to take out of your day for someone like me. I’m a nobody” but their actions proved they never saw people in their community that way.

Then came RWBY. The team was always working late, working around the clock to meet their deadlines. There was so much love poured into RWBY, and I think I enjoyed it more than a lot of anime/animated shows out there because I essentially saw it born. I knew the talented minds behind the show and they shared quite a bit of the creative process with us. Later that year, I attended DragonCon, and I was so happy to see RWBY cosplay. RT didn’t have a presence since PAX Prime was happening at the exact same time, but I tried to remind Monty, Miles and Kerry any time I could that their work was appreciated.


Vine can be found here. The cosplayers were so happy that there was a chance for Monty to see their cosplay even if only via video. I wish Monty was there to see them in person. It was quite adorable. When I think about it, that must be a creator’s ultimate joy, no? To make something and to see people gravitate toward it, embrace it, and display their love for it in various ways.

On to RTX 2014. I was chosen as a freelancer PA, so I helped out staff wherever and whenever they needed assistance. Monty was the only one to cause me a slight heart attack. Basic summary, he had an animation panel to speak at, and he was nowhere to be found. Frantic, I was running around the convention center trying to find him while his PA stayed at the panel room in case he popped up. Head Guardian, SailorTweek caught up with me and asked me if I was okay. Frustrated, all I could yell was F***ing ASIANS! and ran off again. At least that got a good laugh. Finally, Monty text that he was going to panel room. I informed his PA to wait in the back hallways to stand by and minutes pass… she responds she still hasn’t seen him. I poke my head into the panel room, and I see someone in a blond wig sitting in the center of the stage. Apparently, Monty went through the front door. That dude loved to make an entrance.

RTX 2014 was the last time I saw him. It’s taken me a bit of time to write all this. I scroll up, reading the rough draft, and I am grateful to have these memories of him. They are so few compared to the close friends he had, so I cannot even imagine what gems they have to talk about. There will never be another Monty Oum. What he achieved in his short life, many could not achieve in three lifetimes. Not only that, but he encouraged that same type of passion, even demanded it of those he worked with. He was kind and he was also a hard ass depending on what was needed of him. He brought hope to those who were down on themselves, he motivated others when they needed that extra push. Like a sneaky ninja, he would swoop in and bring a smile to your face, then smoke bomb away for a few weeks.


He had a good sense of humor. Troll that he was…

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 8.28.54 PM

He was appreciative when kindness was bestowed upon him even though you kinda wonder what the hell happened to his grammar (I sent macarons to the RWBY team).

unnamed unnamed-1

Most of all, he left us all with such an awe-inspiring legacy. His passion is unmatched and his influence on others is impossible to overlook. He brought out the best in everyone around him. He wanted to inspire, to create, to raise the bar each time because he wanted more than the sky’s limit. And in his short life, he achieved that. If you love him, that’s fantastic, if you don’t care for him, most likely, you at the very least respect his work. He is probably one of the most successful people I will have ever known. And he is probably one of the wealthiest. Based on the reports from RT, he was surrounded by those who loved him very much. To me, that is greater than any monetary value one can possess. To be surrounded in love, to do what you love, to be loved for what you do, and to express love to those closest to you… that is a successful life. And beyond that, he may be gone, but thousands of memories of him are being written and they are creating paths for other creative minds. That’s the Oum legacy.

And when he wasn’t tweeting about work, he showed great wisdom.


One of these days, Monty, we will meet again. And I cannot wait to see what you’ve been cooking up while you were away.

When I find myself wondering why things happen as they do, I am reminded of this story

Two spirits journeyed through the human world, for one spirit was younger than the other and therefore was to learn from its mentor. They took human form and ventured out. When night came, they sought shelter at a residence that was home to an unkind, ill-mannered man. The man reluctantly invited the two spirits in, but demanded they leave the next morning. He did not share his food and he only allowed them to spend the night in the basement. The older spirit saw that a wall in the basement was falling apart, and took it upon itself to repair the wall. The younger spirit asked why bothering helping such a horrible man, and the older spirit merely replied, “things are not always as they appear.”

The next morning, the two spirits left the man’s home and it wasn’t long before night fell upon them again. This time they took shelter at a farm. The farmer warmly welcomed them, offering what little food he and his wife had. The seasons were not treating them well, but they salvaged what they could on their land and were thankful for what they had. The farmer and his wife left the two spirits stay in a second bedroom, all the while, the younger spirit continued to learn what it could from these interactions.

The following morning, the farmer and his wife were grieved to find that most of their livestock had died overnight. The younger spirit wondered why this happened, but its mentor replied “things are not always how they appear.” The farmer was saddened, but determined to make the most of what he had.

When the two spirits left the farm, the younger spirit lost its patience. It angrily shouted at the older spirit. “Why? Why didn’t you help them? Why let them suffer? They are good people, yet you help that horrible man yesterday.”

The older spirit waited until the younger spirit could say no more. “I repaired the wall yesterday because there was a great treasure hidden in that wall that the man was unaware of. He does not deserve such generosity from his ancestors.”

The younger spirit was less angry. “And why let the farmer and his wife suffer?”

“Because the angel of death came for the wife. Instead, I gave it their livestock, so they may struggle now, but they will overcome such hardships together.”

The younger spirit continued its journey with a far more open mind.

Obligatory Thanksgiving post, but seriously… thank you for being in my life and ultimately saving it

Cliche opening statement: IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!

Many of us Americans celebrate today differently. Some of us get the old Christmas tree out of storage and set it up, some of us begin cooking for family and friends at 6AM, others prefer to be alone on this holiday, and some of us are camped outside retail stores to get their hands on the best deals. To non Americans, this is just another Thursday.

So for those of us who are enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, I do want to ask you, do you spend the rest of the year being as grateful as you are today? I think it’s safe to say that I’ve hit the midpoint of my life, and there is one thing that I have been determined to do: to leave a legacy. Now making an impact in the world doesn’t mean you have to be someone who has won a Nobel Prize or become CEO of a Fortune 500 company. While that influence is amazing, you can change the world slowly in your everyday life.  Think about your decisions, how you affect people. Your existence has a very far reach whether you realize it or not. Every word you say, every gesture you make, every interaction you have influences people. As today is Thanksgiving, I want you to think about the following:

The people you are currently texting and reaching out to on Facebook/Twitter/other social media platforms… when was the last time you really had a conversation with them? Has it been a while? Why not take some time to catch up after the holidays?

How are you treating strangers?

Are you more focused on presents or people?

Are you more focused on money or family?

What are you most thankful for at this moment in life? Is it different than last year? Why?

Lots to think about, and you don’t have to comment or answer here. Those are questions I hope you take with you through not only today but every day of your life. I have come to a realization in my recent years and I have accepted the nature of my being. I am most happy when the people in my life are happy. The feeling you have now, being incredibly thankful for all that you have, please don’t lose that after the holiday season. Feel that way every day. Don’t take the people in your life for granted; don’t take what you have for granted. Feel this way every day for the rest of your life and you will feel that much more fulfilled.

And I won’t lie, going down this path is not without its hardships. It can be difficult, especially if it is not reciprocated, but trust me when I say that you personally are rewarding yourself to the fullest. Be a good person, be grateful, treat others as you would want to be treated, and be the change you want to see in this world. When you are gone (and we all will be one day), what will your legacy be? What influence will you leave behind in this world? Me, personally? I hope that I will have taught future generations empathy because my personal belief is that the world will be a much better place with it around.

I have met so many people in the last few years, and I cannot imagine my life without them. My life is enriched, it’s more fun, it’s become less empty. I have had many low days and without any regard for themselves, the people in my life have lifted me up. That bond is so precious to me and I will never be able to fully express how thankful I am for it. You guys ARE my life. So thank you.

May you always give thanks, may you always be thanked, and may you always lead a fulfilling life.



Confucius Jackie: Don’t regret not dropping that line

One of the biggest regrets in life is putting off talking to or spending time with someone you want to create memories with. These memories don’t have to be grand or extravagant: a simple “hey how’s it going” can be the start of something you will remember for the rest of your life like a really good laugh or a random adventure. So don’t tell yourself you’re too busy or you can do that later. If you’ve been meaning to drop someone a line, just do it. You never know what will come of it, and you never know how much they may unknowingly need your presence. Plus, there’s no guarantee they will be around tomorrow.

Valentine’s Day: A day to love others but most importantly yourself

Courtesy of Bioware/EA's Dragon Age franchise

Courtesy of Bioware/EA’s Dragon Age franchise

It’s the time of year again when my timelines on Twitter, Facebook and other various public forums are saturated in Valentine’s Day e-cards, posts, and jokes (some funny, some sarcastic). Most of these posts are entertaining and bring a smile to my face, but there are some I’ve read that really have me concerned. I have friends that are in relationships and others who are not. Some people I know are genuinely sad about not being able to spend this “holiday” with someone. I am generally empathetic and sympathetic when people I care about are sad about X situation, but Vday is one of the few times out of the year that I express some tough love.

YOU WILL BE FINE. Why allow the poison of “all I see is happiness around me and because I don’t have that happiness, I will be bitter and jaded” into your heart? I write this as a friend because I do care about your sadness, and I know how you feel. But trust me, if you don’t love yourself, you will still be miserable on this holiday even if you are with someone. So what if you don’t have someone that will give you flowers or chocolates or a signed card? You know what? TREAT YOURSELF THEN. Go out and get what you want. When was the last time you spoiled yourself? You may have been paying attention to everyone else but you, so curb that behavior and take care of yourself.

When your confidence in yourself builds up, others will take notice. It makes you more attractive, more approachable, and better yet, you feel good about being you. It’s not a bad thing to place your happiness in someone else’s hands every so often, but only you can make yourself truly happy. Once you have yourself figured out, everything else falls into place. Please do not use this holiday as a reason to settle for someone that is not compatible for you. I do not ever want you to think “I don’t want to be alone on this day, so this person will do.” Get over that because YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT, and that person deserves better too. If you truly want to date someone, both of you deserve 100%. Anything less, and you will fail.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a standard you hold for your potential partner either. Yes, it’s nice to have the candy, the nice dinner, the… whatever these romantic couples do nowadays (I’m so out of the loop)… but it’s how your partner treats you the rest of the year that matters more. Your partner should love you, respect you and make you feel good about yourself every day. Find someone that makes you want to be a better person, someone that challenges you, someone that can make you smile over the phone. THAT kind of bond is worth more than all the candied hearts and teddy bears in the world. When you focus on that (if you are indeed searching for a partner) then Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar.

To those who are spending the day with a special someone, I wish you long lasting happiness! To those who are not, one day you will look back on your past self and think “why did I ever feel this way? I’m totally awesome now!” and I wish you more days of feelings such a way.

So happy red corporate leeching love day, and here’s a bunch of virtual hugs for all of my internet friends.


Image by Deviant Artist planb23

Image by Deviant Artist planb23

Bell Let’s Talk: Mental health awareness and support. I wish I had this years ago.

Twitter is all a buzz with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk. I didn’t know why it was spreading like wildfire, but with just a few clicks, I read that Bell Let’s Talk is a charity that aids those who suffer from mental illness. 

In my short time in this world, I have come across many people that have suffered from mental illness. Some have come back from it, others have not. I suffered from it when I was much younger, but as I am writing this now, I can say I’ve overcome it. However, I will admit that every so often, those negative thoughts come back. I am very lucky that I have such amazing people in my life that help battles those thoughts and the best thing is, they don’t even realize how they have helped me. 

Mental illness can come in many forms: panic attacks, depression, self-deprecation, self-harm, suicidal thoughts etc… If you suffer from any of these, don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed. There are so many people who can and who want to help you. Family, friends, people who want to see you beat these illnesses, and sometimes complete strangers will offer a helping hand. But you have to make that first step yourself. It is a scary step, but the journey you begin with that move forward will lead you to such a healthy and positive destination. Your mental health is precious. 

I was in college (many years ago), and someone very important to me left my life. It sounds simple now. It sounds like a situation that the person I’ve become can bounce back from like it was nothing. But I was much younger, much less experienced in life, and I was in a lot of mental trouble. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t eat, sleep, my grades were slipping and I couldn’t help but cry myself to sleep every day. I remember lying on my floor, looking up at the ceiling asking for help, and felt my heart break when no one came. I blamed myself for not being anything worth saving.

All I could do was hug myself and continue to cry asking why I wasn’t good enough, and I began to criticize everything about myself. I told myself it was because I was ugly and not smart. I looked in a mirror and hated what I saw. I remember he gave me a list of flaws that “I needed to work on”. And that list was ingrained in my mind. I believed that those “flaws” were true and I believed that I had to change these things about myself in order to find happiness. Curious to know what was on that list?

*Change your sense of humor

*If you ever believe you did enough, you didn’t

*Talk about something else other than what you did in your day, and I don’t care about the traffic. Who cares?

*Dress better. (I usually just wore a t-shirt and jeans)

And the list went on for a few more points in the ultimate form of character assassination. The worst part of it was I didn’t tell anyone about it. I kept it to myself, so that list, my self doubt and my downward spiral were all I thought about those days. I didn’t have any other outlets. I couldn’t even play video games, and you all know how much I love video games. I was scared about what I was going to do, so I called a couple of friends when I was on campus one day. My religious friend prayed for me, hugged me, told me I was beautiful and said I was precious. She stayed with me until she had to go to class. 

I still felt uneasy, so I text my friend Lucy and she invited me up to the library to talk to another friend. I skipped class (I am not promoting ditching class, btw) and I made my way to the library. My friend introduced me to a colleague, and that complete stranger talked me through my feelings, connected with me, told me what I was experiencing will pass and that I possessed the strength to get through it even though I didn’t believe it myself. I can say with confidence that they saved my life that day. 

It isn’t easy explaining to someone why you feel how you feel. The first thoughts are always negative and shameful. It is embarrassing to pour your heart out to someone while simultaneously judging yourself. Don’t do that. You feel a certain way, so accept it. Embrace it, conquer it. It is only then that you can begin journey to recovery. Do not be ashamed for your feelings because believe it or not, thousands of others feel that way too. You are not alone even though you feel that you are. Do not fear picking up a phone and calling someone even if that person is not a specialist. The fact that you gathered enough courage to reach out to someone is such a huge step. Be proud that you made that step. 

We are now in an age where communicating with people has become so easy. With a touch of a button, you can call or message someone in a different country. You can even tweet to your favorite celebrities (I’m totally guilty of that). The world is at your fingertips. Be strong and know that there are so many that care about you. Don’t be afraid. 

Accept your feelings

Communicate with those that can help you

Strengthen yourself

Build upon a happy foundation

Recover your happiness

Look back and wonder how is it that I became that way? 

Look forward and help someone else. 

You can do it. 

Trust me.


Confucius Jackie: One of the best things you can give someone

is acknowledgment.

To start off the new year, it is a tradition by many to come up with New Year’s Resolutions. Some are successful and some are forgotten. Popular resolutions are “I will go to the gym” or “I will be a better person” and those are more than fine. In fact, I started going to the gym more often in the last few months, and I aim to continue that routine for the rest of my life.

My resolution is to acknowledge people more often. When I write that, I don’t necessarily mean that the acknowledgement has to be made on a public forum. A simple “hey, how’s it going?” can really brighten a retail worker’s day. Next time you exit a store, look over your shoulder. If there’s someone there, hold the door open for him/her and flash a smile. Words don’t have to be exchanged; it’s the gesture that matters most. If you receive a text from someone, don’t put off your reply for a few hours. Your reply may mean the world to that person.

One thing that I have come to realize this year is that some people are not as happy as they seem. Work or social settings require that they put a smile on their face, but it’s not genuine, it’s not real. Working with dog rescues for the past few years has taught me that you can’t save everyone, but you can make a difference for at least one life. And you never know when you may influence that life.

So what I will strive to do is try to be a positive influence on others, keep my temper in check, be helpful, and remind myself that everyone has a story. Whenever we cross paths with other people, we take something away from those interactions. Make those positive regardless of how short those interactions are. Your smile, your simple hello, your hugs, your words, your actions impact people around you whether you see it or not. If you believe that what you do means nothing to anyone, you couldn’t be more wrong. All that is needed to show you how important you are to others and vice versa is acknowledgment. Remember that.

Go into 2014 a better person even if you don’t accomplish all your resolutions. Make this year better. All of my hugs and love to you all. Happy New Year!

‘Twas the night before Christmas when I started to write…

‘Twas the night before Christmas when I started to write

What would I jot down?  Many nails did I bite.

And then it hit me, so I began to type

Hurriedly, quickly, the ideas were still ripe.


Here, let me tell you of my adventure so far

The start of the year was less than sub par.

For I was broken, but not of bone mind you

My heart was in pieces, blackened and blue.


I was hurt but not lost; I trudged on ahead.

I was down but not out, I was far from dead.

Over few months time, I could smile once more.

May opened up my first happiness door.


Hosting RT Vegas was a dream of mine

Rooster Teeth Vegas fans, ‘twas our time to shine.

Thank you Dane, Daniel, Dustin, Michael and Nick

You guys are so awesome, my very top pick!


And extending my thanks to the very group

that threw our party for such a huge loop!

What group you ask? Why it’s the B Team!

It took much willpower not to fangirl and scream


But my thanks for Rooster Teeth ends not in May.

July 5th is marked as such a special day.

I’m an RTX Guardian, hip hip, hooray!

My happiness level is more than I can say!


I was a noob but paired with a great crew.

Surrounded by friends some old and some new

Thank you so much to our leading lady

We couldn’t have done it without you, Caiti!


A fantastic con, my words are at a loss

Demarais, my fav Hobbit, you’re such a cool boss!

Such great memories I will cherish forever

My love for these people will never be severed.


Parts of 2013 had also brought tears.

Two friends were taken, too early in their years

Always remembered, their legacies live on

Through those they are still here, never truly gone.


What to learn from this, answers there are many

I say cherish loved ones, more than dimes and pennies.

Mike and Knuckles you are thought of every day

You both are missed, so much more than I can say


And then in August, my dad became dog sitter

For I was off to DragonCon thanks to friends from Twitter.

A weekend full of panels, drinking and more

So many cosplays I saw were seriously hardcore!


I could not believe how happy I felt.

I met new friends, they made my heart melt.

Dauna, Emma, Kelly, Eric, Kathleen,

DA2 cosplay group, best cosplays I’ve seen


Karissa, Liz, Miranda and Scott,

Best roomies ever for the con ticket I bought.

Tymber, Adriaan, Amanda, Eric, Susanne…

HUGS ALL THE FACES, as many as I can


Aaryn, Aidan, Dave, Bioware men I adore

Team Fangirls sends kisses, hugs and more! (as in love ya pervs =P)

I drank with Steve Jaros and Chris Avellone

Leading men in the industry, mind = blown


And to my leather making friends Misty and Lance

Heart your faces for giving cosplay a chance.

Dragon Age Tallis debuted at this con.

Be proud you guys, many hearts it has won.


And as it does annually, my birthday was here

This one was special, the best in many years.

So grateful for all who came to celebrate

Shots, bull riding, beer pong… God it was late!


Looking back on everything, I couldn’t believe

How I started the year in sadness and grief.

But how that has changed because of family and friends,

I want to hug all your faces, my lovely godsends.


Shortly after I found myself in a pinch!

Surely this would make me a Grinch!

I lost my job, but I held my head high.

Company merge be damned, I refused to cry.


I feel liberated so it’s a blessing in disguise.

Seriously, don’t feel bad for me guys.

I’m keeping busy, finally raising life’s bar

A writing project called Fallout Lonestar!


Many doors will fly open, at least… I hope.

Writing is medicinal for it is how I cope.

But life is a mystery, destination unseen

You continue being better than you have ever been.


And now here we are on Christmas Day

I want to tell you one more thing, if I may.

My dad has worked for the last twenty plus years

Through this day but now we’ve switched gears!


He has the day off and now we can spend

The holiday as a whole family again!

So comes an end of my twenty thirteen tale.

It was full of win and of some fail.


How you spend today, I wish you this

May your holiday season be full of joy and bliss,

So to you my loves, I raise my beer

I say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


I know it’s not beer… work with me here…