I’ve Decided What My Superpower Would Be If I Could Have One

I sit here, thinking of my hometown, of Las Vegas, and I feel a multitude of emotions. The two I feel the most are sadness and anger. I am sad that people are suffering, that there are those who have no choice but to go back to a home that feels emptier. I am also angry that people are hurt and continue to suffer and that lives have been lost.

Even though I feel such rage, I don’t wish to add to the violence or the hate.  I wish I could make it so that no one would ever have to shed another tear over a senseless death by ensuring that hate didn’t exist anymore. I wish I could plant a seed of compassion in everyone’s hearts. I wish I could make people experience the best day of a stranger’s life. I wish could make people experience the absolute worst day as well.

If I had a superpower, I would want to be able to cross paths with another and they would know empathy.

I am heartbroken for my city, but I see her regrouping, rebuilding. I see the community, the people, helping each other selflessly and without a second thought. I see a fire that refuses to be put out. Tears may fall, but that flame still burns bright. My home remains strong, so I should do her proud and follow suit.