There are two faces to every community, and today, I want to talk about cosplay

We can get into a long, healthy discussion about the culture of the cosplay world, but I wanted to focus on three things in particular.

1) The cosplay community is so vibrant, beautiful, creative, and awe-inspiring. I watch videos of cosplay groups, I see people magically construct outfits and props, I see people bond, connect and build something amazing together. That is such an amazing thing to witness, I hope that the cosplay community stays around forever.

2) Sexual harassment and sexual assault is a very real thing in this community and it can happen to anyone. I cannot and never will be able to wrap my mind around the existence of this mentality, but it is very much present in our society, and that both infuriates and saddens me very much.

3) The concept of said harassment is sometimes exploited and that makes me even madder and more upset.

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