Nerdy and Geeky 2014 Valentine’s Day poems as requested by you!


Hello everyone! I had a blast writing these short poems for all of you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in my request for Valentine’s Day poetry suggestions! I took to Twitter and tweeted all of the poems but as I know many of you were busy during the corporate holiday, I’ve compiled all of them here for your viewing pleasure. I hope you all had a wonderful Friday and I hope you will partake in this little tradition next year! As an added treat for those new to the tradition, I added the 2013 poems toward the end! Hugs all around!

Vday 2014

Commander Shepard from Mass Effect

I can’t give you rings

Or a wedding with bells

But you’re my favorite person

On the citadel

Edward Kenway from AC4

I’ve traveled across the seas

In piracy, played my part

But what I did not expect

Was for you to steal my heart

Booker from Bioshock Infinite

Massacres, debts, portals..

My memories are skewed

But so long as you’re here

My worries are few

Cross parody Twitter account of Archer and Commander Shepard

You saved the galaxy

With guns a blazing

So get in my mouth (Bloody Mary)


RWBY created by Monty Oum

Ladies of RWBY!

We don’t care about dust

But having you in our lives

Is always a must

Poem to TellTale Games

Thanks to you & zombies

I have mental issues

because of your fine writing

I need more damn tissues.

From the Fallout Lonestar team to the community

Through mutants and Raiders

Famine and desert sand

This vday note will get to you

come hell or the Wasteland

Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect

Saving earth, tango dancing

You have amazing abilities

But for Vday, I have other ideas

starting w/ reach & flexibility.

Kefka from FFVI

Espers in my grasp

Oh, my precious little toys

Do not fret, you’ll be with me

When the world is destroyed

To Team Behemoth

Your games are so cute

So refreshing and clever

Blue knight is my hero &

you’re the best chicken ever

Vaas from Farcry 3

I try and try again

but romance is a calamity

my loves die quite literally

Do you know the definition of insanity?

Hawke from Dragon Age 2

From Hightown to Darktown

You are adored by all

Sending blessings & love

To my champion of Kirkwall.

Fallout (General)

Wasteland adventures with you

I’ve known from the start

I’d give up my Pip Boy for you

Have I lockpicked your heart?

Link from Legend of Zelda

The princess needs a hero

Hyrule, a Triforce

But I only need one thing

And that’s you, of course!

Alistair from Dragon Age Origins

I found something for you

A gift…I suppose

It complements your beauty

This perfect little rose

Rikku from FFX

I fear for us and Yunie

as we battle against Sin

But with you next to me

I know we shall win

Loki from Thor

Choose me over my brother?

You see not a monster damned?

I know not how, yet you do

accept me as I am

Rinoa from FFVIII

Grateful for SeeD but

The final battle is soon

Join me again, won’t you

for a waltz on the moon?

2013 Valentine’s Day Poems