Mass Effect Cast Cosplay contest ends tomorrow! Win a Skype call with Kaiden Alenko or ME Funko Pop figures!

It is almost GO TIME for Mass Effect Cast Cosplay! What is MECC? A team of Mass Effect fans, lead by Karissa Barrows, managed to round up a few of the Mass Effect voice actors and models to cosplay their characters! This event will be showcased at Pax East 2014, and for the last six months, Karissa has been busting her butt to acquires funds to make this happen. We have been requesting donations to cover the cost of travel, hotel, and materials for cosplays for these lovely people so they can suit up and meet you all! We are also working with St Jude’s Children Hospital for this event as well! MEET THE ACTORS, SAVE THE CHILDREN! How you can help the initiative! 

Of course, we have been running some contests for fans, and two of them will end on 2/7/14 at 11:59PM Central Time.

For a minimum donation of $15, you can win some awesome Mass Effect Funko Pop figures (a $50 value!). Who wouldn’t want Commander Shepard guarding their bedroom or office? Image

For a $25 or more donation, you can win a chance to chat with Raphael Sbarge (voice of Kaidan Alenko and star of Once Upon a Time)! He has graciously offered his time to Skype with a lucky contest winner!


So hop to it my lovelies!