Giving back to one who has given so much to her community

I’m doing a thing tomorrow at 6pm-10pm Central. The thing I’m doing is streaming for the ever lovely @Audrey because she and her husband could use a helping hand. Special shoutout to @Raf and @FLYbarger for inviting me to do this with them.

Look. I know there are a lot of charities out there and a lot of people are requesting help for one reason or another, and it’s amazing how helpful and generous people in the GFR Guild and the RT Community are. Let me be one of the first to tell you that Audrey did not ask us to do this for her. We are doing this because she has done so much for this community and she has never asked for anything back. She has stayed up literally for days to make sure any charity streams she organized went smoothly. She coordinated those on her own and she helped raised thousands for other people and other charities. Now that hardships have hit her, we want to help her out however we can.

So what we are asking you guys to do is simply hang out with us tomorrow. Watch us play video games, have us on in the background while you’re doing house stuff, come join us in the chat and mingle, and show the internet why this is the best community.

Ways you can help out:

  • Donate (no amount is too small! And there are raffles to win as well!)
  • Spread the word. Hit up the RT site, the forums, Twitter, FB, anything helps!
  • If you’re a Twitch streamer, hosting the individual charity streamers would be amazeballs
  • Keep us company! Join us in chat! We love it when people stop by and say hello. Believe it or not, it helps out the streamer a lot

The entire 24 hour stream will be hosted by

You can find my stream at

I will be playing and hopefully completing Dark Souls 3 and I will have a couple of things to give away during my portion of the stream, so please stop by if you can. All deets below!

See you tomorrow! Less than three you!


Extra Life continues on until the end of the year!

Rooster Teeth had a big day for their Extra Life livestream. It is always phenomenal to watch them do their thing, and it’s even better to see the community come together and absolutely destroy the donation goals set by Jack and Caiti.

As you know, many community members, including myself, are raising donations as well. This year, my personal goal is $1500, and I am leading a small team with a team goal of $2000.

I will be doing my own livestream this weekend, mostly likely starting out with the Alien Isolation DLC because you know… I am entertaining as hell when I’m scared out of my mind. I will also be livestreaming Fallout 4 as well. Fair warning, I will probably take two hours just on character creation.

I have currently raised $680 of my $1500 goal and I am still going strong! Just remember, if you donate $15 or more, you will get entered into a raffle for the following prizes:

And very recently, I came into this gem.

It doesn’t have all RT signatures, but it has a crapton of them.

So if you are still able to donate, please help me make it to my personal goal. You can donate here If you cannot donate because you kicked so much ass by helping other Extra Lifers, I humbly ask if you can share my page.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far. You truly made my birthday memorable and wonderful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time, donating your money, and spreading the word about my Extra Life page to help make my birthday wish come true.

My birthday wish: My 4th year with Extra Life


I am proud to announce that I will participating in Extra Life again and just like last year, I will be leading a small team of awesome Extra Lifers to a goal of $1500. In the last three years, I’ve managed to raise nearly $3,700 for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals based in Reno and Las Vegas, and that makes me so proud and happy to be a gamer. If you are not familiar with the program, gamers from all around the world play video games (most for 24 hours straight) with the goal of raising donations for a children’s hospital of their choice. ALL proceeds go these hospitals. There are many children who benefit from this program as they suffer from illness, injury and other ailments. Every little bit helps.

For 2015, I will again be livestreaming my event and much to the enjoyment of my Twitch followers, I will be playing horror games (titles TBD). Also note that every donation of $15 or more made to my page or to my team’s page will automatically enter you into a raffle for some cool prizes. In previous years, I’ve given away game codes, video game action figures, Rooster Teeth gear etc… At a later time, I will post up specific prizes that you can win.

October also happens to be my birthday month, so reaching my goal is a very special birthday wish for myself. In lieu of presents, I encourage all my friends and family to donate to my page instead.

I’m very excited to be participating in this event again, and I hope you will come along for the ride. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, joined my team, and shared my page. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I love all of your faces.

For your convenience, here are all the related links:

GeekyFriedRice’s personal Extra Life Page 

Team GeekyFriedRice’s Page 

Twitch Channel

Let’s shatter this year’s goal. FOR THE KIDS!


For the troops! I’m participating in Operation Supply Drop this year!

This is it! This is the first year I am participating in Operation Supply Drop. I’ve been wanting to participate in more charity programs in addition to Extra Life, so this is my attempt to do so. I’ve created a goal of $300 and I will be livestreaming (most likely Alien Isolation) on May 16th, 2015.

If you can donate even a dollar to my page, I will be forever thankful. Lately, I’ve been down on myself, but when I step back and look at the bigger picture, I have my health for the most part, I’m still able to provide for myself and my dogs, and I still have all of you in my life. I’m not doing so bad. So! I would like to be in a position where I can help out our troops overseas, and thus created my personal donation page for this year’s Operation Supply Drop program.

And I did say I will be livestreaming. As my last livestream session with Evil Within was quite entertaining for people, I will most likely play a horror game. You can tune in on my Twitch page. I may even have some prizes to give out! *Hint hint

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to gaming with you guys on May 16th!

Play Video Games, Save Lives, & Make a Birthday Wish Come True

It is no secret that I am participating in Extra Life for the third time this year. For those who have followed me since the beginning, thank you so much for your continued support. I certainly didn’t think I would ever be in a position where I could do this for three years straight, but I am, and I am incredibly humbled by my friends and family who have come along for the ride. This year, I decided to lead a small team in an effort to raise $2,000 and here is where we stand as of today.


We have reached 88% of our goal and I am at a loss for words. A very recent donation from my father’s friend gave us a huge jump, so a very big thank you to Jim for his more than generous donation. One of the reasons why I love this program is that while it focuses on gamers doing what they do best, you don’t have to be a gamer yourself to show support. Every year I have done Extra Life, new names pop up on my donation list along familiar ones and I am taken by surprise each time. There are tons of causes to donate to and I am ecstatic that people have chosen to support mine.

Extra Life is very simple. Play games for 24 hours and all donations go to a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. That’s it. I am just about $50 from breaking my record from last year. My personal goal to raise is $1,500, and I am very confident I can reach that. I will be starting my 24 hour marathon on November 8th, and I hope to have my set up complete in order to livestream at least some of the event.

Throughout the day, I will be tweeting pics, inviting friends to join in on the fun and asking you all what you would like me to play next. Extra Life is a very special program to me since the official date of launch happens in the last week of October. I’m an October baby, so I treat this is a unique birthday party. I encourage friends and family to donate to my page rather than giving me presents, and if I reach my goal of $1,500, it truly will be a birthday wish come true.

We also have some cool things in store for those who donate as well. If you donate $15 or more, you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes! Donating to ANY of my teammates’ pages will qualify you. Just to give you a little taste of what we are giving away…

kriss54389d6e151a3 photokriss543367c54257a


Some of my teammates will also be giving out other awesome stuff, so please check out their pages for details. Many of them will be gaming this weekend as well. Winners shall be drawn November 9th at the end of the day.

I cannot wait to spend the weekend with you all, and again, I am beyond grateful that you have decided to support a program that truly is dear to my heart. And I am beyond grateful that you are joining me for my birthday celebration.


My Extra Life Page

My Team: Ninja Nerds

Extra Life 2014 with Team N2: Ninja Nerds


It’s that time of year again where gamers from all over the world, well… game! But it is during this time where we unite as one unit, play video and/or tabletop games for 24 hours in an effort to raise money for children in need. If you are not familiar with the concept of Extra Life, please take a few extra minutes to read up on the Children’s Miracle Network. Extra Life, lead by creator Doc Adams and community manager Rick Heaton,  works hand in hand with CMN to raise money for children who are need of extra assistance. Whether it be terminal illness, physical or mental trauma etc.. these children and their families are backed into a very scary corner and there are so many who have no one to turn to for help. Imagine being a mother and hoping and praying that your child will make it through the night. Imagine not being able to help your child because of financial burden. This is where Extra Life comes in. It is an amazing program that helps these families. Last year, Extra Life managed to raise over 4 million in donations thanks to gamers and their supporters. Imagine what we can do this year.

I started doing Extra Life two years ago, and I was amazed that I surpassed my goals each year. In 2012, I did Extra Life on my own. Even though I had a poorly displayed livestream of Resident Evil 6, my friends and family pushed me to my $1,000 goal In 2013, I joined Team Rooster Teeth, lead by Jack Pattillo (who really is a teddy bear of a man if you’ve never met him). I broke my goal of $1,000 early in the gaming marathon and bumped up my goal to $1,500. While I did not make the second goal, I was still grateful to achieve what I had.


Rooster Teeth as a whole was (I believe) the top Extra Life team last year, managing to raise over $340,000 in donations. AMAZING. I highly recommend being a part of this community. Because of moments like these.

This year, my aim is to lead a small team (called the Ninja Nerds) with a personal goal of $1,500 and a team goal of $2,000. If you would like to join my team, I will welcome you with open arms. Extra Life is a bit special to me because it just so happens to launch in my birthday month. Rather than giving or sending me presents, I would love it if you could donate to my Extra Life page instead. Even if it’s just a dollar, that is an extra dollar that goes straight to a child who needs to battle cancer or some other horrible illness.

So please help me celebrate my birthday, and as always, I will write a story for the person who pledges the highest donation. Two years ago, a friend donated quite a bit and asked that I flesh out the Assassin’s Creed 3 ending, and I came up with this. Last year, I had to write a more personal story for a good friend of mine, but you get the idea. This is the only way I am able to give something back to this awesome community.

If you would like to join the team, please go here. 

If you would like to donate to my personal page, please go here. 

Thanks for reading! Game on, fellow nerds and geeks!

After a year of preparation, the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay panel finally happened


…and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. To see everything come to fruition as it did, I can only go back to the very beginning of this journey and remember what it took to create the MECC (Mass Effect Cast Cosplay).

First off, I may be listed officially as Talent Coordinator on the MECC team, but so much credit goes to Karissa Barrows, the woman who lead the entire project. She organized all the donations, communicated with our talent, put out plenty of fires, made sure the costumers were on the same page, even took some time to fly out of state just to get cosplay measurements from the talent. So much of this event happened because of this woman, and I can only say that I am honored to be her friend.

Karissa and I started chatting over a year ago on Twitter, and we bonded immediately over our mutual love for Mass Effect. Before long, I was asked to help with the MECC. I have never tackled a challenge like this, so I was on board. How could I say no to possibly working with such gifted people AND raise money to give to St Jude’s? I didn’t, and I am beyond grateful for that. After countless days of asking for donations, holding raffle events to raise more donations, figuring out where to even hold the panel, we finally found a home at PAX East 2014.

I won’t get into all the details as far as leading up to the actual panel because I want to write about the relationships that were formed within this community. Though we had a few actors unable to make the panel, we did end up with an amazing group, and I couldn’t be happier to have met them. I had no idea what to expect. I never met any of these people before, and I was hoping and praying that I would do a good job in accommodating them when they arrived in Boston. Let me tell you all, Kimberly Brooks, Keythe Farley, Rana McAnear, and Luciano Costa are absolutely wonderful people.

I helped Kimberly (voice of Ashley Williams) for most of the weekend, and she is beyond generous and sweet. One of my favorite memories with her was helping her with Twitter and teaching her and Luciano about hashtags.

One of the most surprising things to learn was that Luciano and Keythe never really had a con experience before, and we were determined to make sure they had a great time. We are happy to report that all of them thoroughly enjoyed meeting fans, chatting with them, and getting to know the community more. Luciano and Keythe were moreso blown away by the loyal fandom that is tied to Mass Effect and Bioware. It is no surprise, but I must reiterate that Bioware truly has some of the best fans ever, and to share that bond with the people that are hugely responsible for such love, was amazing to witness.

People flew in from all over the world to be at the MECC panel, and that even caught us by surprise. Karissa expressed that she was worried the panel wouldn’t be successful. Can you imagine her surprise when I told her the line for the panel started forming two hours before it even started? Karissa booked the main theater, a space that could hold a little over three thousand people…


There was such an overwhelming show of support for MECC that I am astounded my mascara didn’t run down my face. While our guests were prepping in the back room, I HAD to take an opportunity to say hello to everyone in the room. I asked everyone to say hi, and hi they did say. All I could do was tell all of you how much I love you because it is true. Karissa and the team are not official representatives of the video games industry, yet we nearly packed that theater. Nearly three thousand people attended a panel that was created by fans, and this shows what an awesome community we are a part of right now.

Some fun shots:

Image   IMG_5753IMG_5769   IMG_5789IMG_5798   IMG_5803IMG_5808   IMG_5811


We also had some of the best cosplayers ever! Everyone was so lovely, and I was glad I was able to snap a few photos here and there. Right after the panel, the actors and models did a photoshoot. All funds went directly to St Jude’s. Just look at that line! We were again surprised by how many people showed up.

IMG_5813   IMG_5816IMG_5818   IMG_5819

Dave Hulegaard (community manager for Mass Effect and Dragon Age showed up and offered some support. He is one of the sweetest guys, and he absolutely loves talking to fans of the games. I highly encourage you to shake his hand and give him a hug if you run into him at a con.


Here is Luciano interacting with fans. He told me that this moment was one of the best memories for him to take away from the weekend. He really loved messing around and having fun with everyone. He was also blown away by how many people were Kaidan fans.


Very cool friends of mine were dressed up for the occasion, and they also donated quite a bit to make sure this event happened. We are beyond grateful for their generosity. Eric in particular was such a powerhouse contributor. The MECC panel, he said, was such a highlight for him that all the donations were worth it.

IMG_5832   IMG_5834

Kimberly is one of my favorite ladies in the world now. She’s such a strong, sassy, and loving person that everyone who meets her is lucky to know her.


And of course, I had to take a pic with the Thane mask. We were selling raffle tickets to give away this baby, and boy were people ecstatic for a chance to win this gem. Karissa, her father and uncle worked so hard on this part of the cosplay. It is such a great testament to the absolute loyalty people had for this panel. Just between us, we didn’t even finish painting Keythe’s pants until four hours before the panel. But we finished it, and he rocked it! I actually caught myself swooning a bit when he took the stage in full cosplay. Karissa’s dad and  uncle, your skills are awe-inspiring!


PJ Shepard and Garrus body pillow. I wanted to kidnap them both.

This fan flew in from Ireland! IRELAND. She was a real sweetheart and she was so passionate about Mass Effect. I completely fell in love with her accent.


One of the most pleasant surprises was getting to know Keythe Farley a little bit more. I dare say that he is one of my top favorite people of all time now. Not only is he very charming and funny, but he is very genuine as well. He is very experienced in his craft, but even he found himself in a position of being mentored when it came to convention experience. He had a blast, trust me, and it was all thanks to the ME fans that came out to see him and the others. He was very touched by some of the Thane stories that fans were telling him.


And this is what happens when you leave your phone around Luciano, unattended and unlocked.


With the sales of the photoshoot combined with the total accumulated from raffle tickets sales, we managed to raise … THIS MUCH for St. Jude’s and this was just on Saturday! Donations are still coming in, and we have one last giveaway to offer MECC fans. From now until April 20th, we are accepting donations of $15 or more which will automatically enter you to win one of the few SIGNED lithographs that were donated to us from the lovely Jessica Merizan.  Every $15 increment is one entry, and it will be after April 20th that we announce the final total that we have raised for St. Jude’s. Donations can be submitted here.

The MECC panel was incredibly humbling, and it really proved that anything can be done so long as you push toward your goal and you don’t give up on it. There were quite a few walls and obstacles we hit, but seeing the final product was such a reward and was completely worth overcoming those hurdles.

Let it be clear that this was only possible because of you, the fan. Mass Effect has “ended” as it has been a while since the launch of ME3, but your loyalty to the ME world, and your love for those who helped create this wonderful game hasn’t wavered. In fact, that love and loyalty may be back even stronger than it was before. One of the things I love so much about this community is the recognition that everyone on the Bioware teams receive. It doesn’t matter if they are voice actors, composers, artists, writers, builders, face models, level designers, producers… the community acknowledges everyone that had a part in the game’s creation. That’s what makes you, the community, awesome.

Karissa, Sara, Preston, Amanda, Brooke, Scott, Raquel, Melissa, Phil, Mitch, Liz, Thomas… you guys are amazing, and I am so happy to have worked with you on this project.

Karissa asked me to cut together a thank you video for the panel and it can be found here. Not only does it contain thank you videos from contributors to MECC but it does contain my feelings on what Mass Effect means to me. At first I didn’t know what to write or say, but when I wrote down “Mass Effect isn’t just a game…” it all came together and I hope that you feel the same as I do.

Thank you for spending the weekend with us, thank you for giving us a chance to bring the MECC to you, and thank you for keeping the ME world alive. And a very special thank you to Kimberly, Keythe, Rana and Luciano for taking time out of their schedules to come out and create lasting memories with us. I’m Commander Shepard and you are my favorite community on the Citadel.

Game on, my fellow commanders. Game on.

Mass Effect Cast Cosplay contest ends tomorrow! Win a Skype call with Kaiden Alenko or ME Funko Pop figures!

It is almost GO TIME for Mass Effect Cast Cosplay! What is MECC? A team of Mass Effect fans, lead by Karissa Barrows, managed to round up a few of the Mass Effect voice actors and models to cosplay their characters! This event will be showcased at Pax East 2014, and for the last six months, Karissa has been busting her butt to acquires funds to make this happen. We have been requesting donations to cover the cost of travel, hotel, and materials for cosplays for these lovely people so they can suit up and meet you all! We are also working with St Jude’s Children Hospital for this event as well! MEET THE ACTORS, SAVE THE CHILDREN! How you can help the initiative! 

Of course, we have been running some contests for fans, and two of them will end on 2/7/14 at 11:59PM Central Time.

For a minimum donation of $15, you can win some awesome Mass Effect Funko Pop figures (a $50 value!). Who wouldn’t want Commander Shepard guarding their bedroom or office? Image

For a $25 or more donation, you can win a chance to chat with Raphael Sbarge (voice of Kaidan Alenko and star of Once Upon a Time)! He has graciously offered his time to Skype with a lucky contest winner!


So hop to it my lovelies!

Mass Effect Cast to cosplay their characters at PAX East 2014!!!



We are in crunch mode, so here is the breakdown of where we stand for this amazing event. If you haven’t heard, we will be working with some of the cast from the Mass Effect games, and they will be cosplaying their characters for charity (St Judes)! The event will take place at Pax East 2014 on Saturday. As this is a charity event, all of the funding to get the actors/models to the event is based off of donations from our wonderful community. We have less than two months to raise 5 grand to cover the base costs (flights and lodging) for the actors plus materials needed to create the cosplays. We need your help and here is how you can assist! If you cannot donate, please spread the word. This is such a fantastic way for the actors to meet the fans, and there will be opportunities for photo ops and to purchase signed photos as well. ALL OF THE MONEY GENERATED WILL BE GIVEN TO ST JUDES. 

Rana and Mark (Samara and BroShep)


We are doing this for so many reasons, but most of all, we love Mass Effect, we love the actors and models who have put so much time and effort into the games, and we want to help as many children as possible. 

If you have any questions, you can find us at:

@SJBsMama (Lead Project Manager)

@MECastCosplay (Twitter Account)

Our Facebook page! 



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