Always Open, produced by Rooster Teeth’s Barbara Dunkleman, Just Resonates With Me

Lightning facts:

I’ve been part of the RT community for close to 11 years now

Barbara has been part of that community for longer than that, has now worked for RT for several years, and this is the first show she has ever produced.

The pilot episode for Always Open aired 9/1/16 for FIRST members of

I phuqing love this show.

And that is not putting down the other shows that RT has produced over the years. I love them as well, and I will do whatever I can to support them. But Always Open speaks to me on many levels. It doesn’t even feel like a show or a podcast. It feels like a genuine conversation that friends are having. Even the camerawork feels more organic. It’s fluid, it keeps your attention, and it catches the more unnoticeable mannerisms you would only normally see if you were part of the actual conversation. I really don’t know how else to explain the technical aspects of Always Open, but there you go. Some of the reasons why this show speaks to me:

1) I like that the feel of the show isn’t “MEN SUCK” or “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR”. It’s just friends who happen to be women who are talking about whatever the hell they want to talk about. Sure there is some structure as far as answering questions and such, but you don’t feel the stress of needing to address as many questions as possible. The atmosphere is super laid back and fun. Nothing seems forced at all. This show very much reminds me of hanging out with my friends and not having a care in the world.

2) Because the first episode featured an all-female cast, it resonated with me more. That’s just a very natural reaction to have. Ladies, especially women who are good friends, really do talk about this kind of stuff with each other. The stigma that women have to be proper and appropriate all the time goes out the window. These conversations are real conversations. You want to talk about relationships? Bring it. You want to talk about farts? Let’s do it.

3) The diversity. This is so important, especially for today’s audience. Yes, the cast in the first episode is all-female, but my god, the diversity was astounding. You have four women, who are very different from each other in every way. You have a difference of ethnicity, backgrounds, sexual orientation, and walks of life. And they blend beautifully. I cannot praise this aspect of the show enough. IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE ALL OF THIS IN ONE SPOT.

4) Impact on the community and viewers. I think this is a really healthy show in general. There are so many in the community who look up to these lovely ladies, so having their own show is quite empowering. It’s no secret that many see them as role models. Seeing them all in one setting will definitely make a bigger impact and stronger influence for the better. Again, this is not a knock against men or the men of RT, but I think it’s important for young women to see these conversations and understand that they are perfectly normal. It’s okay to joke around with your friends and that it’s possible to find and establish that kind of relationship with another person where you can be yourself and you won’t be judged for it.

Just talking with community members throughout the years at RTX and through the forums, I know there are many people who shrink away from their full potential because they feel they may just not fit “the norm”. I always encourage people to embrace who they are, work to become better people than who they are in present day, and change the world for the better. I want to see people bring their best, and I want to see them grow, and I want them to never forget who they are in the process.

These ladies have done this and continue to do so. I think that’s worth supporting and backing. Cheers, ladies.


RWBY – Created by Monty Oum, Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna


RWBY (pronounced like Ruby) is an animated series created by Monty Oum (Dead Fantasy), Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna (Red vs Blue) and it is produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. Since launching its first episode on July 18, 2013, the series has found many fans, inspired tons of amazing cosplay, and has currently landed itself in the number 2 spot on Crunchyroll for most popular series. RWBY features both voice veterans and new voices behind the unique characters and a dazzling array of mind boggling fighting styles.

What is RWBY about? Thank God for Wikipedia but what has been shown to us in Volume 1, main character Ruby Rose (voiced by Lindsay Tuggey) has been accepted into Beacon Academy, a special school that will help train and hone her fighting skills so she may become a Huntress. In the world of RWBY, supernatural monsters are very real, and Hunters and Huntresses are needed to fight them off. Ruby is joined by three other women, her older sister Yang (Barbara Dunkleman), the spoiled heiress Weiss (Kara Eberle), and the ever mysterious Blake (Arryn Zech). In the first 16 episodes of the series, the ladies learn how to study together, live together, how to fight as a team, and when they do battles monsters of the unknown, hold on to your seats. If Dead Fantasy rocked your socks, RWBY will rock your entire world.

What a lot of fans may not know is how much time, effort, and energy has gone into meeting the deadlines for this series. What team RWBY has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. In general, Rooster Teeth spoils their fans with community interaction and team RWBY is no different. There have been many posts via Twitter and RT journals by various members of team RWBY teasing fans, showing progress of the series, and these posts will come in at all hours of the day. Monty and his team are notorious for staying up until odd hours of the night and even camping out in the RT offices.

They’ve faced a load of criticism ranging from “how dare you make these episodes only 7 minutes long” to “this isn’t true anime. GTFO” and not once have they budged from their end goal. They continued on with their work, met their deadlines, had fun while doing it, and they created an animated show that I will describe simply as AMAZEBALLS. If you are looking for something new and refreshing, check out RWBY. All the episodes can be found on RWBY does contain many characteristics of the classic Japanese anime style us nerds and geeks love, and more importantly, Monty, Kerry, and Miles have created something entirely unique and something that is truly their own.

Volume 1 has been completed, its episode finale airing November 7, 2013. The DVD and Blu Ray are currently available for pre order and will be released November 12, 2013. The team is already hard at work with Volume 2, and fans cannot wait to see what’s going to be thrown at them next.

This team (the creators, producers, coordinators, animators, designers, voice actors, all of them) have worked around the clock and took an idea and made it into something real. Be inspired by their dedication. I am.