Introducing Twitch Chibi-lights!

Every now and then I have some pretty amazing moments (amazing for you guys, not so much for me), and I like to immediately highlight them on my Twitch channel and export to YouTube. I was thinking of ways to group these highlights together since I want them to be separate from the actual highlights I produce for you guys.

Therefore, I have dubbed these Twitch Chibi-lights! If you are pledging on Patreon, please note that you will not be charged for these. Chibi-lights will essentially showcase specific moments from my livestreams that I believe are worthy of archive on the Twitch channel.

I will be creating a separate playlist for these as well on my YouTube channel. That’s it for now!

Less than three you.


You asked how you could support, so I created a Patreon

Over the years, I have come to love livestreaming video games and creating highlights from those streams. My overall goal in life is to create a community where being nerdy and geeky is accepted and required. A big piece of that community is creating fun videos for people to enjoy.

I started streaming about four years ago, and my first livestream was for charity. I played a Resident Evil game in hopes of raising donations for my local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital via the Extra Life program. I raised $300! My livestream was literally a camera being pointed at my TV. Of course, streaming has since become easier and more convenient especially with consoles, but I would like to create videos of better quality.

Right now, I have a simple set up. I have my couch, my consoles (I do have an ambition to include PC gaming in the future), and thanks to leftover gift card funds and selling some old equipment, a Yeti mic.

Supporting my Patreon means that you will be helping me to obtain not only better equipment, and an upgraded setup, but games in general that will be the first step to creating these streams and highlights. As I am beginning this journey, my campaign will be set up so that any funds dedicated to this Patreon will only be accepted once I create something. After all, I feel that this is the best way to earn your support.
Streaming and making these videos is fun for me and will always be something that I do because I love it, so it means the world that some of you have expressed interest in donating to that passion.  I have turned to Patreon to give you that option to help. A common practice for streamers is to set up a donation button via Paypal on their profiles, but I know many others have opted to use Patreon instead. Using this program allows me connect more with people who pledge and I can also offer rewards as tokens of thanks for their pledges. I am and will forever be grateful for each pledge that comes in.

Thank you for hearing me out in my crazy, little adventure.

Keep on gaming!