My dream date

Posted this on Twitter this morning:

Hear me out on this one. I had a dream and I went on what I will loosely call a “date”. But it didn’t feel like a traditional date. There was no nervousness, no anxieties over what to wear, what to say, no pre-determined judgment, built up pressure to impress…just a tranquility in the simplicity of two people existing simultaneously.

We just talked. I don’t remember details but there was no need for filters or mental checks. It was incredibly liberating. I smiled a lot. I felt like openly smiling. And that was strange because I hate my smile.  He didn’t seem to mind the laughter and it was refreshing that he was smiling just as much. Pressures of work and life were nonexistent. What he wanted to do in life, I supported and encouraged and vice versa. Convo ended and the dream fast forwarded (how long, I don’t know). I was now in a restaurant ordering food. I get a text from the man.

“Someone reminded me to step away, breathe & not forget to remind friends that they’re important to me. I have a few minutes. So. Hi.”

Want to know how I knew what I experienced was a complete and total dream? The man you’ve been wondering about was Hideo Kojima. This man is so inspirational to me that he actually inspires from within my dreams. He is my [Follow Friday] today.

If that doesn’t do it for you, then follow him for his movie knowledge & food pictures. Those are amazing as well.

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