3 thoughts on “Here are other places you can find me! Click the icon of your choice!

  1. Corrie-luv says:

    Dear GeekyFriedRice, I’ve lately been interacting with the RT community (particularly the Funhaus community) and I’ve been thinking about applying to be a Guardian for next year’s RTX; however, I’ve had some doubts lately because 1) I don’t have an RT First member account (therefore limiting my communication with other RT community members) and 2) This will be my first time volunteering outside my hometown in Vegas. If it’s too much to ask, from your experience, could you break down the schedule for a guardian, prior and during RTX and if I have to volunteer all three days? Also, is it required for someone like me who is semi-involved in the RT community to get an RT account to become a guardian? Thank you and I hope to meet you soon, as a guardian or not. 🙂


    • Hi there! Would it be all right if I emailed you? There a lot of info and persepctive I can give you, but I don’t feel it would be best relayed through a reply post. I will, however, encourage you to sign up for an account on RT.com and I can message you there if you’d like =] My user name is Kriss. You can still sign up for the site and still interact with the community. Having a First account doesn’t limit interaction, only the content you may watch.


      • Corrie-luv says:

        Sure you can email me, I was about to add that I would prefer emailing because Twitter is very limited with its characters. 😛


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