What goes into a decision such as getting a new hairstyle

Tomorrow, I’m getting a rather different and extreme haircut done. If you’ve seen recent pictures of me or just have seen me in recent days, you know that my hair touches my lower back now. In the last year, I’ve grown out my hair, gotten it colored and styled by a well known local salon, and I think I am ready to chop some of it off. For those who don’t me as well, I will start off this post by saying that I do not girl very well. I was never taught the ways of makeup or hair styling or basic beauty maintenance. I mean, I shave my legs, but as far as being a master with a curling iron, I am at a loss.

I was thinking about previous experiences when I chopped off a good portion of my hair and most of the responses I received were positive, but I also remember people asking me what happened to inspire such a decision.

“Did you and your boyfriend get in a fight?”

“Are you angry?”

“Are you bored?”

“Why would you do that to yourself?”

To which I respond, “does it matter?”

Whatever reasons you have for altering how you look, it is your body, and it is the only thing you truly own. No one can take that from you and it is yours until the end of your days. Sometimes, I would cut my hair to feel liberated both metaphorically and physically. Sometimes, I just want to save on shampoo and conditioner. Other times, I don’t want to deal with the 115 degree heat. My reasons vary. Whatever your reasons are, the only thing you should focus on is that YOU are making that decision. And anyone who doesn’t like it can eff off.

If you are curious about this particular time, I have a BUNCH of reasons for my decision. One, I can no longer maintain these crazy locks. Two, any time I cook and lean down to smell the food I make, I burn my hair on the stove (don’t worry, I have an electrical stove). Three, I currently get stuck under my armpits, no joke. Four, I would like to have a cut that makes me learn different styling techniques. Five, there have been a few sad experiences that have happened in the last year, and I look at this as shedding those memories and starting on a new clean slate.

So! I have decided to cut my hair super short on one side and leave the opposite much longer. I can’t have the short side shaved because I have a pretty obvious scar on the back of my head from when I was a child. I had a pretty traumatic experience with a garage door and concrete ground that landed me seven stitches in my head. I have also embraced being asymmetrical. I have scoliosis, so my hips are uneven. When I was younger, people would point out that the bottom of my shirts would ride up my hips and that my belts looked weird and lopsided. After a while, I found different ways of accepting my body as it is. I have two piercings in one ear and three in the other, for example.

I figure an asymmetrical hairstyle would be a nice touch. And if I am to learn how to maintain some kind of beauty regime, I might as well start with my hair. And I might as well start with half of my head.

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