Jump Burger by Headcase Games is now on iOS! And it’s FREE!


Freshly launched on July 9, 2015, Jump Burger by Headcase Games makes its debut on iOS (iPhone & iPad). If you are the type of mobile gamer that enjoys surpassing personal best scores, then give Jump Burger a try. You start as a plain patty burger (who I shall name Mack), and your goal is to hop your way to the heavens, acquiring as many burger ingredients (such as mushrooms, pickles, and lettuce) as possible. Note: photos used are actual gameplay.

The actual mechanic is simple enough. Merely tilt your iPhone or iPad from side to side in the direction you want Mack to go; he does the actually jumping himself. You hop from platform to platform, gobbling up ingredients and stars for points while avoiding bombs that ensure an instant game over. You aren’t restricted by invisible “side walls” so time your jumps and your dodges accordingly. If you happen to miss a platform completely, you will fall to your burger doom and will have to begin anew.


Jump Burger is a fairly enjoyable mobile game, especially if you are in need of a quick game to pass the time. Double points if you’re playing Jump Burger while waiting in line at a McDonalds. Not really, but I will give you an internet high five. Though if you happen to be in line at a fast food joint, and you’re looking up at the dollar menu contemplating if you should spend the extra hundred pennies PLUS get a new mobile game, then never fear. Jump Burger is free, so spend that dollar and treat yourself to a yummy patty, both literally and figuratively.

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