My horrible morning didn’t dictate how the rest of my day would be, and I am grateful for that

Today started out horribly. I had my heart set on donating plasma this morning; I even woke up at 6am to beat the rush. After two hours of paperwork, tests and blood work, I was rejected. I had glucose in my system and they can’t accept that in any donation. I was heartbroken. I had no idea that I would be sent into such a sad mood. I’m the second rarest blood type, so this really put a damper on my spirits. Later today, the DMV site locked me out and I couldn’t register my car online, so I had to visit an actual DMV office. I became even more upset. Even did a vine about it all.

Be happy

But who would have thought the DMV of all places would put the biggest smile on my face?

I got my car registered just now. And the lady handed me the new plates. They looked weird only because they were a set of numbers and letters that I had never seen before and suddenly, they were mine to display for probably the next 15 years. I can’t tell you guys how incredible it felt to hold on to those thin metallic rectangles. I just thought “holy…, I bought myself a car.” I remember when I thought earning $20 for teaching piano lessons was a big deal. Now here I am, and I spent thousands on a new car that was paid for with money I earned and saved on my own. I didn’t ask for help (other than choosing the actual car) and I didn’t have to go into debt in order to pay for it. My savings and checking account are nowhere near what they used to be, but I was saving up for a car for many years, and I did it!

I feel…incredibly proud of myself. This is figuratively and literally the biggest purchase of my life and it’s really mine.


I’m awesome at adulting. It’s time for some mf-ing cereal.

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