DISCOUNT CODE GIVEAWAY WINNER: One of the few times where how others see you is highly relevant

Even from a young age, we are taught “you shouldn’t care about what others think of you,” and I agree with that statement, but only partially. The saying usually applies to people who go out of their way to belittle you or be unforgivably condescending. Often times, there is no just reason for those people to behave in such a way; again, some people just want to watch the world deteriorate. In those cases, you really shouldn’t give a fragglesnap about what that person thinks of you.

But in times of “hey, nominate your favorite person to receive a discount on a convention badge and tell me why they deserve it”, I think it’s pretty damn cool to read up on the reasons behind these nominations. Rooster Teeth will be selling their convention tickets later today, and those who attended their Let’s Play Live event a month ago received unique discount codes to use for RTX badges. I was chosen as a volunteer for RTX, therefore, I don’t have to purchase a badge. I decided to give my code away to someone else, but the catch is, someone has to nominate you to receive that code.

I posted up the little contest on the RT site, on my Twitter and FB. Some names I recognize from years of interaction on the site, and other names were completely new to me. And I have to admit, reading some of the stories that were sent to me gave me all the fuzzy feelings. Not only did these stories serve as an official nomination for my contest, but the people who were nominated were genuinely surprised that others thought so highly of them. It’s nice to be reminded that you matter to someone. Even in its slightest form, having that recognition can really change the perspective on how one looks at oneself.

I know all too well how easy it is to feel like you are nothing, that you only exist to take up space. You get caught up in your life, in work, in a set routine and you forget your very existence can actually mean the world to the people around you. So please, do not forget that. People recognize what you do, what you say, the work and effort you put into supporting others, and although it is not always acknowledged, people do see the value you bring into their lives.

That being said, not one but THREE winners have been chosen! Other community members were kind enough to give me their codes hoping that they would make someone’s day. So thank you very much to Mark Belanger and Mark Messmore for donating your discount codes to the community!

And the winners aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeee……





Congratulations, you guys! I shall be contacting you shortly. I hope I will be able to see you at RTX and hug you! Remember, someone thought of you for this little contest, so don’t forget that you’re super awesome. I’m being super serial.


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