A tribute to Thedas, the world of Dragon Age


I finally finished a video project I had been working on for a little over a year. In preparation for DragonCon 2013, my friends over at Tuatha Armory built a fantastic Tallis (Dragon Age 2 DLC character) cosplay for me. I had been introduced to a group of people who specialized in Dragon Age cosplay and every year at DragonCon, they hold a large gathering and walk in the official DragonCon parade.

This was the first time I cosplayed in a very long time, so I felt rather scared and lonely. Lance Hayes (creator of Tuatha Armory) wanted to take some shots of the completed armor and I thought I would document the project. I started arranging words in my head, mapping out feelings regarding my new cosplay and how I felt about Dragon Age in general. So I wrote a poem. I love narrating, so my main thought was to write a snippet about Tallis moving forward with her life as Tal Voshoth (one who has left the Qun). Lance and his wife Misty filmed a few scenes of me doing random things in the mountains and then I thought about the cosplay group I would be seeing in the months to come.

So I took to Facebook and asked various cosplayers if they would be willing to let me film them in different scenarios and they were very gracious with their time. I had a rough cut of the poem and overall idea of the film, but I didn’t have enough footage. So I waited until I could gather just a few more seconds, yes seconds, of new footage at this year’s DragonCon, and I am glad I waited. inquisition’s new soundtrack and video that BeatDownBoogie took of our group allowed me to complete the project.

Once I had the visuals, I had to write and narrate accordingly. This whole project began with my feeling lonely and then it evolved into feeling accepted by this cosplay group. It got me thinking about the Dragon Age community as a whole. The DA team at Bioware created this huge, beautiful world and it has been expressed time and time again that the team loves their community. They love seeing cosplay, writing, video and other projects done by the community. Our gender, our race, and our backgrounds never mattered to Bioware. If we had a love for Dragon Age, then by all means, we were encouraged to show it. And in turn, they respond with a love for us. That’s what I wanted to express in this video.

As a character in Dragon Age, we experience so much. We develop friendships and make enemies, we take down monsters and armies, and we gather people together to fight for a cause we believe in. What we experience on an emotional level in the Dragon Age games is not much different than real life. I’ve made genuine friends with the people in this cosplay group, so this is also my thank you to them.

I don’t know what my life would like without Bioware and without these people. I’d rather not imagine it because surely, it would be a boring life.

A Dragon Age Tribute

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