Gentlemen: Thank you for loving us as we are. Ladies: Thank you for being who you are

A little over a year ago, I created and launched a video called “The Thank You Project.” It seems like a good time for this video to resurface. My reasoning behind it was to show a different perspective concerning the unnecessary harassment women were receiving. The crime? Being who they are and expressing a passion for what they love.

Women were being treated in a horrible way by men and rather than fight back directly, I decided to find a different group of men who love all these women for being nerdy and geeky. The response I received from my male friends and acquaintances was surprising, overwhelming and nothing short of amazing to me. I even received the support from classy gentlemen like Aidan Scanlan from Bioware, Chris Demarais, Blaine Gibson, and Brandon Farmahini from Rooster Teeth, and one of my favorite inspirational Youtubers, Zach Anner. Everyone who submitted a vid was supportive, accepting and absolutely genuine.

Because of that, I also collaborated with some of my female friends to express our gratitude. People should not have to fear their passions or anything they love. If you love video games, comic books, cosplay, table top games, movies, music… whatever makes you who you are, embrace it. There are days when it seems the world is against you (like in recent weeks), but please remember there are those in that same world who love you. Just as you are. Support each other, love one another, and bring positivity and light into this world.

To the men who stand up for us and see us as fellow nerds and geeks, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To the ladies who suffer from unspeakable harassment, this video is meant to give you hope and perspective that there are men out there who support you. Please never stop being your beautiful, sassy, empowered, geeky selves.

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