Women can’t change air filters?

On a quest to a fully furnished apartment, I remember a rather sexist conversation from my past. Being one gender or the other shouldn’t negate you from acquiring knowledge.

One thought on “Women can’t change air filters?

  1. I love you! ❤

    I think every single woman out there can identify with what you said in this. I had a boyfriend once who would get so mad that I wouldn't let him change my oil, it was something I liked doing myself.

    And then I've had that unicorn, miraculous experience at the hardware store where the guy who was working the department came up and said "Hey, you … look like you know really what you're doing here, mind if I ask you a question?" and my little heart swelled and I said "Sure!" And I got to talk to the guy about Dremels and Dremel bits and how to use them and which to use with what, it was really awesome 🙂

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