My friend needs some assistance getting cochlear implants for her ears


A very dear friend of mine is need of a cochlear implant. In short, it makes sure that she can hear. I became friends with Rose in high school and we bonded over Lord of the Rings if you can believe it. I learned that she had issues with her hearing ever since she was a child and at the time, specialists told her that she would lose all hearing by the time she reached the age we are now.

I remember the first time she had a new set of these implants and she called me to tell me the news. After a few words were exchanged she went “holy cow…I can hear you, Jackie. I can actually HEAR your real voice for the first time!” And this was years after we met. Though I knew about her condition, it never really hit me that she could never truly hear me. The way she described it was that I sounded like a robot most of the time. Even to this day, I cannot comprehend what she experienced. 

When my grandmother passed, we all went to dinner and Rose stood up on front of the entire restaurant and sang an Italian song for us in my grandmother’s honor. She sang in perfect pitch. My dad (it was his mother who passed away) is a bit older now and he always tells me, “Jackie… I don’t remember what she looks like, but I remember how she sounded and what she did. I will remember that for the rest of my life.” 

Now Rose is in need of new cochlear implants but her insurance won’t cover the costs for them. She could really use help and I so love her with all my heart. If you can donate or share this, she would really appreciate it. If you can donate, please do so here. If you cannot, spreading the word is just as effective.

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