When worlds collide: The coolest Star Wars experience I have ever had

As you have clicked on the link to guide you to this post, I assume that you follow my WP blog in some way. If you randomly have found this blog post, please allow me to welcome you to my blog and tell you about a very unique and wonderful experience I had early last year.

I, and many other women, read a variety of books, and I happen to delve into the romance genre in the last couple of years. I follow a highly acclaimed romance author named Laura Kinsale, and we developed a relationship over Twitter. How I came to know of Laura’s books is very much due to Nicholas Boulton, a very gifted actor who also happens to be the voice behind Dragon Age 2’s male Hawke. For the majority of 2013, Nick was signed on to narrate Laura’s books, and you can imagine how DA2 fans reacted to such news.

In March of 2013, Laura asked her followers if someone knew how to pronounce Hawaiian words that were used in her book “The Shadow and the Star”. As I knew several people who were from Hawaii, I volunteered to help her out. I sent off an audio file once I had the words down, and she was very grateful. Shortly after that, she asked me for help with some Japanese phrases. As Nick is a native of the UK, they wanted to make sure that he sounded as Japanese as possible in his narration. Luckily for me, I was familiar with the pronunciation that Laura had written. Again, I recorded the lines and sent them off to Laura. She and Nick were thankful and I was more than happy to help and have a behind the scenes influence in the creation of the audiobook.

Now you’re thinking, Jackie… your title of this blog post mentions Star Wars. Nothing you’ve written has any relation to this amazing franchise. And you’re right. Well, not long after I sent in the Japanese lines to Laura, I received a thank you email from the lead man at The Story Circle (the studio working with Nick and the company in charge of producing the audiobook). It was a short email, but it packed quite a punch in my nerdy gut.

Dear Jackie,
You were brilliant! And such a beautiful voice recording the words for us. Thanks so much for your help for Nick in reading this wonderful story of Laura’s.  He’s speaking like a native (well, almost).
And it was signed off by Garrick Hagon.
Mr. Hagon played Biggs (Red 3) in Star Wars Episode IV.
Best. Star. Wars. Experience. Ever.
With you all, May the 4th be.


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