Supernatural’s Ty Olsson lost a fan and here’s why

Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Supernatural Convention (also known as Vegascon) in Las Vegas. It was four days of nonstop entertainment, and I have to give major props to Mr. Richard Speight Jr. for being a fantastic host. I am happy to report that 99% of the convention was made of awesome. This post will be about the 1% that wasn’t, but I will write another that will give Supernatural fans the details on all the positive and wonderful things that did happen last weekend at a later time. I have to write my thoughts down on the very few things that bothered me about the convention because I feel that women should at least think about such things for their own health and sound minds.

Fans who have watched season 8 of Supernatural will know about Benny, a vampire character played by Ty Olsson. On screen, he does a great job portraying this character, and that is all I will say about his performance because I don’t want to give away spoilers. Ty had two panels scheduled for last weekend’s convention, but he only appeared for one of them. Why you ask? It was because of his poor behavior on his first panel. I’ve been to tons of fun geeky/nerdy panels, and I understand that guests are free to be who they are, but I do feel that Ty crossed a few lines. He came out completely drunk, and the novelty wore off after the first ten minutes of his panel. Fans were lined up to ask him questions, and he maybe went through one and a half answers. The majority of his panel was spent going through the crowd, finding alcohol wherever he could from whoever he could. And women would gladly offer up their drinks just to have his lips on their straws.

He threw around more than a few f-bombs, and for a few seconds seemed concerned if there were children in the audience. He honed in on one child; I couldn’t see how old she was, but she sounded very young, maybe three of four years of age. Granted, a child should not have been at that convention, but how Ty treated the situation was way worse than having an underage attendee in the audience. He gave the child money and basically said he could say motherf-er all he wanted. Right after that, he asked the child if it was okay and encouraged her to say “hell yeah” into the mic. The audience gasped and he rescinded and told her to say “heck yeah” instead.

After that, he went around the room, targeting redheads because apparently those are the types of women he likes. He kissed a woman sitting in the front row a couple of times whenever he walked by, and we were unsure if they knew each other, but she looked shocked as hell. Didn’t ask her permission, just went in and pressed his face into hers. He targeted another woman and asked the audience if he should kiss her or not. He also kissed another woman that was waiting in line to ask a question. Of course, mob mentality took over and most of the audience encouraged him. He went around touching and kissing whoever he wanted and wherever he wanted. And it was okay in the eyes of the audience. He kept going on and on about “I don’t care if they fire me. It’s my one year convention anniversary.” For that short amount of time, it looked as though he believed he was a god and he could do whatever he wanted.

There were also reports of him fondling and groping women during his photo op. One of his peers pulled him away from groping a woman apparently to get him to stop, and he flipped her off. Unsurprisingly, the announcement was made that Ty would not be appearing in his panel the next day.

Some people will understand why this behavior bothers people, and some will not. I implore you to have at least an open mind when taking this information in. How he treated women during his panel was not okay, not by a long shot. Now I understand having to tame the fangirl inside. I get giddy and starstruck when I meet people from my favorite shows. Hell, I damn near lost it when I met Felicia Day. But I remind myself that my favorite celebrities are people too. Just because I admire them for their work, it doesn’t mean that they are excluded from treating people with common respect. Just a note, Felicia is amazing, on and off the screen.

What irritated me more than Ty’s behavior was the overall audience’s acceptance of it. Most women were completely fine with how he acted. It was because they were starstruck and fangirling over him because he’s a handsome actor that plays a vampire on TV that they didn’t mind that he treated them like things. When I had private conversations with the women around me, I was surprised and appalled that their defense of his conduct was “well, that’s just him, so it’s fine.”

HOW IS THAT FINE? Imagine if he were an unknown man, no celebrity status, no TV fame, nothing. And he went around and groped your friend, your daughter, you… what would your reaction be then? Imagine having a coworker or an employee show up to work completely off his rocker and announcing that he didn’t give a shit if he was fired and proceeded in doing whatever he damn well pleased. What he did to his fans was not fine. Not only did he give absolutely no fan love to the people who were patiently waiting in line to ask him questions, but he acted as though that no rule, policy, or law could touch him and consequences were nonexistent. Man or woman, that is a dangerous mentality to have.

We did end up speaking with someone that had a few words with Ty after the incident (and yes, this was treated like an incident), and she alluded that he actually has a good heart, but his mind and heart did not match up during this time. That may be true. Everyone has off days. I do, too. But understand that what you do has consequences whether they are immediate or not. This kind of behavior is incredibly damaging to all parties involved.

I know some of you agree with me, and I know some of you don’t. The bottom line is, you should be treated with respect. People will admire your beauty and they will express that admiration in many ways. Someone who uses their celebrity status to get what they want out of you should not be a standard of gaining your affection. And I know some women think “well, it’s my body, and I can do whatever I want with it.” That is your right and your belief. No one can take that from you. I am only asking that you keep an open mind. Some people view this treatment as empowering, but many others view it as being handled like a piece of meat. I am writing this for both men and women. This is just a case where it happens to be a man treating women this way.

I will still watch the hell out of Supernatural and support the show however I can, but based off of what I’ve seen and several reports of “he’s always like this at his panels”, I can firmly say that I will not be a fan of Ty Olsson.

Edit/Update: I did receive some comments about why this wasn’t dealt with immediately. I can only speculate that if the panel was interrupted, there may have been some backlash from fans that are incredibly loyal to Ty Olsson and Creation (the company hosting the event) would have had even more problems to deal with at the time. But I am pretty sure the situation was handled behind the scenes and Creation did everything in their power to ensure that we enjoyed the rest of the convention (which we did!). So major props to all the volunteers of Creation who handled everything in a professional manner.

Edit/Update #2: This is the link to Ty Olsson’s official response to what happened at the panel.  So now you have both perspectives. I cannot change how I feel about what I saw, but I am not callous enough to dismiss someone when he owns up to his actions.  So for that, thank you Mr. Olsson.

49 thoughts on “Supernatural’s Ty Olsson lost a fan and here’s why

  1. Sophie says:

    I find this ridiculous. The article that is. If you read what Ty wrote to everyone concerning these actions of his you’d probably be ashamed. I’m getting second hand embarrassment from this article.
    There is a very high chance he was drugged by one of the fan members in the audience. His actions were because he wasn’t in the right mind DUE to the fact he was drugged. It’s not his fault. When people are roofied they’re not able to process what’s going on. I advise you take this down because the Supernatural fandom sure as Hell will give you some shit for jumping to conclusion.


    • If he was drugged, he wouldn’t have been able to stand. He would have passed out completely. His security detail would have been on that without a second thought. You are free to have your opinion on the matter just as I am. I love the Supernatural fandom, and I love the Supernatural family. I am not here to start a fight, only express what I experienced and how I felt.


    • The article wasn’t ridiculous at all, it was spot on, not because of the particulars of Ty’s actions (if he was drugged unwillingly, that is something to excuse *his* behavior) but because of the actions of the audience in not only being accepting but encouraging of unacceptable behavior.

      There is no excuse for being okay with female audience members being groped or kissed – the audience wasn’t drugged! There is no excuse for being the one groping or kissing audience members whom you don’t know and whose feelings on the subject are never broached prior to being groped or kissed. Permission is not implied just because you’ve chosen to attend a panel.

      I agree with the writer, we should still hold even our celebrities to higher standards of behavior, not let them get away with or condone their unacceptable behaviors just because they’re famous. It doesn’t matter who the celebrity is.


      • Jbarr says:

        Look up mass hysteria and mob mentality. Not an excuse but a possible explanation. Judge not lest ye be judged.


    • Tee says:

      While I like Ty, I’m skeptical about his claims of being drugged. I saw him backstage BEFORE his panel, and he was already out of control. And I personally saw him have some alcohol he didn’t mention before he went out for his panel too (and it was NOT iced tea, it was actual alcohol). Perhaps he’s in denial. At any rate, these were not the actions of a happy man. I feel bad for him. And quite frankly, I’m embarrassed by how willing girls were to throw themselves at a celebrity. Have some self-worth, ladies! Do you really want to be girl #52 to get French kissed? Blech!


      • jmiss says:

        You know i agree with a big part of your comment, you are right but I was there and before panel i got a kiss from him (on the chick) and honestly he did not smell like alcohol at all. You all going to hate me but on your question “Do you really want to be girl #52 to get French kissed?” Hell yea, and that would made my day! Well maybe not by Ty but there are like 5 other “stars” i would not mind at all to be a girl #12326 to get French kissed! So people back off stop defending those girls who got “behavior” from Ty they are quiet maybe they dont mind, stop trying to speak in someone else name! Ty made a huge mistake he should not behave that way definitively but stop making it a bigger deal than it is already! Maybe he is a victim, if his drink was really spiked and we are discussing in here his behavior isn’t that the same like discussing did the dragged girl willingly had sex with the one who spiked her drink or was she actually raped by him! People lets just wait before we jump to any conclusions! PS. If he was not under any substance than there is no excuse for his behavior!


  2. Ruby says:

    According to one site that I found, a guy that’s roughly Ty’s weight and height (5’11”, 201 pounds) was drinking and doing roofies at the same time and did *not* pass out – in point of fact, he did it to relax. Ty is almost as tall as Jensen and has at least 20 pounds on him — so he’s not a small guy. The amount of roofies he would have come into contact with would have knocked out an average-sized woman, but not a guy his size. Plus, he specifically mentions in his letter exactly how much he drank and how he felt far more drunk that he should have — again, this is a guy who’s not a stranger to drinking, so he’s gonna know pretty well what his tolerance levels are and how X-number of this spirit will make him feel — which is a symptom of being roofied.


    • Chris says:

      You’re very generous if you think Ty is 201. I think more like 230 and yes, it would take an enormous dose of the drug to put him down. Sorry, it’s extremely plausible that he’d be standing but in a very cloudy state of mind.


  3. CoCo says:

    The idea that he was conveniently roofied is ridiculous. The simplest answer is usually the easiest answer, and, it seems quite simple and obvious: He was wasted, and assumed his behavior would be written off and accepted because of his status. Now he’s desperately backpedaling in an attempt to save a convention career that he doesn’t deserve.

    I completely understand and expect that fans are going to WANT to believe his story and write off his behavior, but that’s giving him a pass. If this was some random nerd boy at a convention, there’d be hundreds of articles about how atrocious his behavior was and how no woman should have to stand for being assaulted or publicly ridiculed. Why are we so willing to grasp for highly illogical reasonings when it’s a relatively attractive actor behind such appalling behavior?

    Have some dignity and stand up for yourself and other convention-goers: You work hard for your money, and to know how little he respects your time and the money that he’s receiving from you is insulting, IMO.


  4. I am the mother of the little girl you were talking about. She is 6 years old. Ty ASKED me if it was OK for her to only say “heck” I said it was OK. She had her headphones on before and after he talked to her. I thanked him for the 100 dollars and said it helped get the 25 we needed for the taxi to the airport and food. It was MY choice to bring my daughter to Vegas because she is a supernatural fan. We let her watch the non scary parts. She met Jared and Jensen and I’ll never forget what they did. Jensen gave her tons of hugs, and played airplane with her. With Jared she got scared because of how tall he is. But he got down to her level and took their time til she was OK with them. Each star she met they all went to her level and gave her hugs. mark Sheppard showed her pics of his kids and gave her a high five. She will never ever forget this con. So please get your facts right before you bash my daughter! Also Ty is an amazing person very down to earth and loves his fans!


    • Hi Renee, thank you for replying. First off, I know it was your choice to bring your daughter because you are her mother. Our parenting choices may differ, but I in no way bashed your daughter. I merely stated that I felt a Supernatural convention may not be the best place for a child. But that is your choice, and I can respect that.

      Second, I was there, so I know Ty initially encouraged her to say hell and the audience reacted and then she said heck. I’m glad he asked your permission to say heck. It certainly didn’t seem that way, but I was not near you or her, I was two rows down, so I believe you.

      Third, I’m very happy that she enjoyed the con. It was an overall great experience, so to hear that you guys had a great time is fantastic.

      I am sorry if you felt that I was bashing you or your daughter. I was not. I was merely stating what I heard and saw. I didn’t call you or her names or insult your parenting of her. The only thing I wrote was that I felt a child should not have come to that convention.

      Overall, I hope you accept my apology because I did not write (nor was it my intention to have it perceived) that I was bashing your daughter.

      And I believe you that you feel that Ty is great and he loves his fans. I have acknowledged that. The whole point of my post was to state what I experienced and my feelings regarding that experience. That is all.

      If your daughter felt that I was being rude to her, please extend my apology to her as well.


    • Karissa says:

      Whoa, lady. There was no bashing going on. I’m a mama bear myself, but your reply sounds like more of a mama bear to yourself, not your daughter. Chill out. I would have brought my son if 1) we were both fans of the show and 2) he was 6 (I’m bringing him to a convention in a couple of weeks, as a matter of fact), but even if Nathan Fillion himself (he wouldn’t do this because he’s a class act) tried to encourage my young child to say anything inappropriate, whether in a microphone or not, THAT is when I’d start getting angry. Perhaps you should get both your own facts and your priorities straight before you go flying off the handle when someone tries to defend your daughter’s dignity.


  5. This is absolutely ridiculous. Ty Olsson is a great guy. Please tell me how anything he did was any worse than what Sebastian does at every panel. If you’re so uptight that you can’t handle someone having a blast and throwing out a few “F-bombs”, it’s so childish that you can’t even say the word fuck, then maybe you shouldn’t have been there. How out of line could he have possibly gotten in a room of a thousand people? Please. Thank you RENEE Kendall for doing what was right for you daughter and for telling the TRUTH about Ty! Your “article” just shows how narrow you really are. I’m not a big fan of personal attacks, but you are personally attacking a man who has never gone to these lengths before. His assertion that he was drugged is not only possible, it’s likely! You few people who were so damned offended are the reason the rest of us won’t be seeing Ty at any more conventions. And I know you’re feeling really good about yourself thinking you’re keeping women safe from themselves and from Ty. Let me assure you, you’ve just wasted your self righteous indignation.


    • Karissa says:

      Actually, TY is the reason you won’t be seeing your precious Ty at conventions anymore. Get mad at him. Oh, but that would be a personal attack and not at all a normal, adult, human reaction to seeing a man sexually harass women as he pleases, wouldn’t it? My bad. Carry on.


    • Sunrise says:

      I was there too, with my daughter. In the row in front of Renee and her daughter. Ty was right beside us as he paid her and said that should buy him the right to say “motherfucker.” Maybe some women weren’t threatened by him, but they weren’t the ones who were right beside him in his altered state, who DIDN’T want to be touched, who felt trapped by him, and who were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to stop him if he set his sights on them. I’m not exaggerating or making it up. That’s how my daughter felt as she avoided eye contact as though he were a wild animal. And that’s how other girls we talked with felt. Was something wrong with Ty? Yes. And he knows it. And he recognizes he was inappropriate and wrong. He recognizes there is no excuse. His fans should too. You can be his fan and still admit he fucked up. By defending his actions, you’re doing him a serious disservice.


    • The difference between Ty and Sebastian is that Sebastian didn’t cross any lines. Yes, his panel had a disclaimer of “for mature audiences” or what have you and he didn’t go around making out with several women finding alcohol where’ve he could. Sebastian didn’t cross those lines.

      The fact that you had to ask me how bad could this have been in a room of a thousand people tells me that you weren’t there. If you weren’t there, then you don’t know what happened.

      What Renee and I posted is both truth. I wrote what I saw and heard happened and what she wrote reinforced what I wrote with the exception that Ty asked her permission for her daughter to say heck.

      And this is not an article. It is a blog. It is my thoughts on an event that I experienced. You cannot tell me that how I feel is wrong because you are not me. Whether you agree with me or not is different story.

      And I am not personally attacking him. I did not call him names, and I did not insult him. I was professional in what I wrote and I did not reduce myself to name calling as you have. Saying Ty did this and said that and expressing how I felt about it is not a personal attack. Calling someone shallow is.

      And why does it matter if he’s never done this before? He did now and I am reacting to it. That is all.

      I did not say anything about Ty’s behavior to anyone but my personal friends. I did not contact Creation about it, nor was I going to. They had already pulled him from the convention way before the day even ended. Reports are coming in that he broke his contract with Creation: therefore he banned himself. I cannot speak for anyone else who felt the same way I did, but I did not contribute to him being banned. I wrote this blog way after the decision was made. Conventions are fun, yes, but it is also work for these celebrities. He placed himself and the producers of the show in a bad position. There are consequences. It has nothing to do with the fans that had issue with what happened.

      I don’t feel good at all that I had to write this. This is the bottom line. Something happened. I was there for it. I wrote down my feelings in a non hateful manner and that’s it. How you choose to respond to something that I even requested you have an open mind about is something I cannot control.

      I have also acknowledged Ty’s statement. And I will write again that I am not callous enough to dismiss someone when they acknowledge that what they did was out of line. But I still feel how I feel.

      And I assure you, I am anything but childish in this post. I am capable of writing out “fuck” in everything I’ve written. But I choose not to resort to that when I want to be taken seriously.


      • jack says:

        I know this is a few months later but I agree with u. My wife was there and he wreck our marriage a little, I blame him a little but also my wife. Her photo op looks like they r making out. I was pissed but now I’m over a lot of it . Ty called me personally and apologized and he helped us out with our marriage but its over and done with now. Just wanted to say something about it.


      • Jmiss says:

        It’s really nice of you Jack to write about what happened to you and your wife! I’m happy that your marriage is fine now, I think that it was really polite if Ty to call you and apologize! That’s really showing that he cares and that he is securely sorry for what happened! Yes he and your wife made a mistake but they are sorry, I’m happy to hear that you had a courage to write in here about things that happened, and that you are over it! Standing ovations for you and bravo to Ty for calling!


  6. Is that seriously how you see it? Sexual harassment? I’ve even hear the word “attack” being thrown around which is dangerous. My precious Ty could very possibly be a victim too and you’re not raising your “offended” flag for him. Do you really see women as these defenseless creatures? Any one of those women could have said something, done something, slapped his face or walked out. But they didn’t.
    Grow the hell up.


    • Karissa says:

      Good god, that is not even worth a proper response. You are dismissed until you take your balls out of Ty’s purse and grow some common sense.


    • “Your” precious Ty? Sneaking suspicion you’re not old enough to be watching SPN. And if you are a grown woman, you *really* need to get a life. GeekyFR’s blog was intelligent, coherent and respectful. She was there and if she felt that Ty’s behaviour was innappropriate, she has *every* right to call him out on it.


  7. Smantha says:

    Ty has a reputation for heavy drinking. There were stories from last year’s Vegas con as well though obviously not to the extent of this year. I’ve heard he’s an amazingly good and kind person. This is just another example of excessive drinking and/or drugs making someone lose all good sense. I think Creation should give him another chance if he proves he can reign himself in.


    • Given how much attention he has gotten, I believe he learned his lesson. I don’t feel that he should be banned from cons forever because I know a lot of his fans are upset. I actually hope he can come back because his fans are very loyal to him and they adore him. My whole thing with him is just he left a bad taste when I attended his panel, here’s why. I don’t believe that the ban should be permanent.


  8. risenshine22 says:

    what I don’t get is why apparently none of the women he groped or kissed smacked him right in the face – because that’s what I would have done if I weren’t okay about it.


    • Not all women are confident enough to do that, and I can think of plenty of men who would feel they would be justified in slapping right back. Don’t blame the victims; Ty is paid to be there, and he has a responsibility to act in a professional way.


  9. Daft Prodigy says:

    It’s easy to imagine what you think you’d do in such a situation, and if you have the guts to slap a groping man in the face in front of a thousand of his fans, then I commend your courage. I’m not being condescending or sarcastic at all–in my experience, such actions are incredibly difficult to take, and I have great respect for those able to act.

    But I also find it easy to imagine how confused and pressured these women may have felt: should they be flattered by the attention they’re getting in front of these thousand fans, even though what he’s doing is making them uncomfortable? Could this person whom they admire so much really do something that hurts them, or are they misreading it? Should they display emotions that don’t match those of the cheering and laughing fans around them? If they hit Ty, will they become targets of fan outrage, the subject of hateful YouTube videos and Tumblr posts?

    Judging from the negative responses to this blog post, which only expresses displeasure at Ty’s conduct in words and at some time removed from the event, and not physical actions at the moment the event occurred, “the woman who slapped Ty” would at least gain some notoriety in the fan community that could make her uncomfortable. In my opinion, wanting to avoid “making a scene” within the fandom is considerable pressure for a person to try to laugh it off instead of striking back.

    Even if that social pressure isn’t enough to entirely stop someone from acting, it is enough to make many hesitate. And in a situation where interactions are brief (say, a convention), a little hesitation on the part of many is all that’s needed to create mass inaction.


  10. Sunrise says:

    It’s so easy to say you would have done things differently if you had been there, that you would have punched or smacked him. Hindsight is 20-20 and we’re all strong in our own minds.

    For us, actually sitting in that spot barely a few feet from him at times, it was so unexpected that we didn’t know how to react. Scoff if you wish, but if you haven’t experienced group think and mob mentality, you cannot understand what it’s like to be part of it. Who wants to ruin everybody else’s good time? When the audience is cheering him on and laughing and you know it’s part of the show, would you really be strong enough to break out of the performance and kill the party? That’s why women often don’t assert themselves and push back. They don’t want to be the wet blanket. They want others to have a good time. They don’t want to make a spectacle of themselves. And let’s not forget, we’re not talking about just adult women. We’re also talking about girls in their teens and early twenties who are insecure, who haven’t learned how to be strong and stand up for themselves.

    We didn’t get up and leave, as much as we wanted to, because we knew Ty would call us out and we didn’t want to be the center of what we considered such embarrassing, negative attention, and possibly be faced with a physical interaction with him. I didn’t pay thousands of dollars expecting I’d have to be concerned about whether a large drunk celeb twice my size would publicly assault me or my daughter. Creation and Ty both understand that. I’m glad others had a good time. I’m glad Renee made $100 off the situation. But frankly, I don’t give a shit. My daughter fled the theater as soon as she could after he left the stage, and she dissolved into tears when we were alone because his antics induced an anxiety attack that she couldn’t control. Don’t tell me what we felt was wrong, or that what Jackie felt was wrong. You can have your experience and your opinion, but don’t you dare tell us we can’t have ours.

    His fans need to stop making excuses for Ty and pushing the blame on everyone else in the situation. Even if he were drugged or blackout drunk, he wouldn’t have engaged in such extreme and inappropriate behavior if it weren’t in his personality to start. I’ve been blackout drunk and I have never done anything that wasn’t somewhere down deep in my sober personality. You’re freer and uninhibited, but you’re still yourself. That was an ugly aspect of his personality and he knows he shouldn’t have exposed it. Sebastian was crude and explicit, but he was not a physical threat. Ty was.

    Ty has apologized and he seems genuine about it. I agree that if he can show Creation that he has actually learned from this, they should consider having him back at cons. But that’s their call. Creation has to be concerned about its own legal liability if it brings him back knowing he may engage in behavior that harms members of the audience.


  11. Hi there!
    @Sunrise: I know Bettina and she’s not scoffing, she’s a nice lady, was just asking and like most of us prefers a sober Ty.
    @geekyfriedrice: Thanks for shedding some more light on this whole mess.

    Personally, I *do* like Ty very much. But I just met him once, at another con. And I smelled the alcohol. I didn’t felt threatened. At his panel there he was more a drunken entertainer than answering questions. Luckily it was with a much more self-respecting (you can say stuck-up if you want) audience. More than once women at the mic asked him (in a particular tone) if he thinks its alright to behave the way he did. And he didn’t grab random girls at that time.
    I don’t know if he had been roofied indeed this time. But I learned not to take drinks from strangers. To be honest, I don’t think he was roofied, I just don’t believe it. But thats beside the point.
    I’m glad I wasn’t at Vegas Con because I don’t like this thing I call “fangirls degrading themselves”. For example I like Sebastions Twitter, but his panel is totally boring for me. Its also boring watching what a drunk person thinks is “entertaining”. I wish for Ty to come to the european conventions, where he still is invited, as far as I know, and be a sober guest. Just sober. Thats all I’m asking. I don’t think he would’ve crossed all those lines, if he weren’t intoxicated. I hope than Creation reconsiders. But I understand them also.

    He can apologize all he wants (and its good that he did) – but its his deeds that count. So if all those girls on the european conventions tell me that he was sober, I forget this thing. But if not, well… then his apology is worth nothing.

    Kind regards,


    • Sunrise says:

      Hi CasDean! Sorry my post appeared to be an inappropriate reply to Bettina. In that part I was responding more generally to the ones who were attacking the original post. It just all blurred together. 🙂


  12. Jenny Willet says:

    I think you are just jealous because Ty didn’t come up to you and plant one.. Good thing though! You would have called “rape” on him or some FUCKING bullshit like that….


    • Oh jesus…do your parents know you’re on the computer? Do your homework, get a life. How dare you trivialize rape victims in some attempt to excuse someone with an alcohol problem? He needs professional help, not teengirl groupies enabling him.


  13. Rosey says:

    Jenny’s right, but im sure if it had happened to Jensen or Jared everyone would have believed them?? i 100% believe Ty and cant wait to meet him at A12, if anyone wants to believe the crap written and miss out on meeting a genuine guy then its your deal!


    • julietta says:

      I’m homosexual and I wouldn’t mind WHAT Ty would do to me. Im just fucking tired of waiting for him to do just that!
      If only hed do a nude scene * SIGH*.


  14. San says:

    If this was a one time occurrence, then MAYBE Ty has a point. However it is not. He has behaved like this at previous cons. He was also reportedly drunk long before he even got to the con. For him to turn around and blame fans for drugging him, which is crazy – when they were drinking out of the same containers – is absolute denial. The man has issues, specifically alcohol issues and he is just trying to save his butt from being sued. That fans there were applauding this stuff, and most are women, is appalling and enablers of both his behaviour and encouraging the molesting of other women. If this was not an actor on a hit TV show, he would have had the police called on him in a heartbeat. Double standards are not pretty and for him to transfer blame and not accept his own issues is sad and pathetic. If he had admitted he was an alcoholic and was going to seek help, then I would applaud him, but not for that sad piece of denial and blame he sent out. Anyone defending him, needs to wake up and realize you are perpetuating the problem. Would you accept a stranger groping you or your daughter without permission?


  15. Judy L says:

    I was not at this con but to the ones who were and this left a bad taste I feel bad. You are entitled to your opinions and feelings. Not sure if I was there how I would have felt. I am glad most of the con was good for you! Everyone is entitled to their feelings. I am sorry this fandom is making everyone feel so bad. Makes me sad.


  16. Sue says:

    For those of you who were not there and perhaps do not know the full extent of what happened, I think it’s important to state that what Ty did was most definitely assault in the eyes of some of the women he interacted with. People cannot touch or kiss other people in a sexual way without consent, period. Being famous is irrelevant, and if alcohol or drugs were a factor, that is also not an excuse for the behavior. Yes, if someone did roofie him as he claims, that would be a crime, but it still does not excuse what he did. A good friend of mine confided in me that her interactions with Ty involved him groping her and trying to kiss her, and he did not ask or have consent in any way, and this really was upsetting to my friend. Could my friend have gone to the police about that? Sure, but she chose not to. However that still does not mean what Ty did to her was okay, crimes are still crimes even if the victim chooses for whatever reason to not get police involved, and victims never should have to do anything they don’t want to. And so I’d like to ask those of you who are defending him to consider this. If someone groped or kissed you, or your mother, or your sister, or your best friend, how would you feel about that if you knew the person being touched did not want to be touched by that person? Would you still be pushing for that person who violated someone you know (or you), to be paid to appear at conventions where it might happen again? I personally can no longer support this man. I used to be a fan, but I now hope Creation never books him again. I do sincerely hope that he deals with whatever personal issues he has and can become a better man, but change like that takes time, and I see no reason why people are jumping to forgive him immediately or treat the situation as if there is nothing to forgive. And if I were Creation, I would realize that its a huge liability to have someone with that history at any of their cons again, why even take the chance at trusting someone who behaved that way? They have dozens of other guests to choose from that the fans love, so there is no good reason for them to ever bring him back.


  17. Stephanie says:

    I have not attended a convention that Ty has been a guest of, but I have been to one with Sebastian Roche. What you described sounds very similar to how he acts, maybe not to that extent, but he does tend to cuss like a sailor and not answer many questions. My question is, why is it ok for Seb to act that way, but not Ty? BTW, I am in NO way offended by Seb’s panels. I don’t get offended easily, so I doubt I would be offended with Ty. But, everyone has their own opinion and view of things. I am just purely interested on your view is all I’m saying.


    • As I understand it, Ty breached his contract. He physically forced himself on fans. Like I wrote, he kept touching women and grabbed alcohol wherever he could.

      As far as Sebastian’s panel, his comes with a disclaimer that it is not intended for younger audiences. He may swear, but he never crossed the line of invading personal space. He never targeted women and did whatever he wanted with them. He was/is initially a performer and crowd pleaser.

      Ty made many people flat out uncomfortable with his panel. People were leaving, and some were afraid to leave because they didn’t want to be called out or targeted by him. Those are not my words. People have actually told me that.

      So overall the biggest difference between the two panels are one is an adult only panel, and the second is an adult only panel that came with unwanted advances.


  18. Kendall says:

    I’d like to add that people comparing Sebastian, Richard, or Misha’s panels to Ty’s should be aware Misha’s and Sebastian’s have got their fair share of complaints. Sebastian’s specifically. People have even reported his tweets in the past for coming onto fans of a tender age. The difference however is, none of them have ever just started making out with a dozen random chicks in the audience. People paid for a Q and A panel. Not a high school 7 minutes in heaven party. Ty and everybody swapping spit with him acted immaturely and poorly in a public setting people had paid hard earned money to attend. If Misha was say single and I attended his panel and he just started making out with a dozen girls, curse out his handler, write rude comments on people’s autographs, and generally act like a teenager getting drunk for the first time, I doubt I’d ever pay to attend/meet him again. Nobody is persecuting anyone’s “precious” bb. He’s a grown man who acted like a child, was enabled by others acting like children, and continuing to be enabled by childish people. He’s not coming back to Creation until he gets sober. Your fav is a drunk and problematic. Deal with it.


  19. Just to let everyone know being drugged doesnt mean ruffied he could have been on 1 of a million drugs, probably exstacy. Get over yourselves Ty Olsin is the man and if u didnt like the way he acted whyd u stay. I think its hilarious what he did and if he says he was drugged he probably was, just be glad he wasnt streaking.


  20. umm no says:

    Tp the writer of thia article, Get your facts straight, he was drugged for that whole thing, volunterily took a drug test afterwards and found at some point someone had dosed him with ghb.


  21. Tatiana says:

    I just want to point out something… What’s wrong with making a child say “hell yeah”?? You Americans are weird.


  22. I had, what the photograph Chris deemed to be the most inappropriate photo, but it was far from non-consenting. And afterwards when he signed the photo, he went to apologize but I told him that it was completely fine with me. He still insisted on apologizing, which I allowed since he seemed genuinely worried that he had upset me. He was also acting VERY different from on panel, considering I was one of the woman he grabbed. He was laying on the table, seemingly kind of out of it. Not in an alcohol way. In a roofied kind of way, which is damn scary. But my experience couldn’t have been better, everything was consenting and I had a blast. He’s a friend of mine, now!


  23. Jbarr says:

    Seems to me like Ty’s made a real impact😎. Like him or not you will not forget him. Maybe the role I just saw him in “until death we part” is more in line with his real persona.


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