Fallout Lonestar: Food is Everything

*Imagine this being narrated in Pablo Francisco’s voice

In a post apocalyptic world riddled with nuclear waste and mutated monsters is a land divided. Human kind is pushed through the ultimate test of survival of the fittest. Welcome to the Wasteland. Welcome to Fallout Lonestar. 


Headed by creative director Christopher Means, the team of Fallout Lonestar has begun progress on the project. For those unfamiliar with the Fallout universe, I highly recommend check out the Fallout Wiki. There you can find information on the entire franchise including details on each of the games: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout: Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

For a very brief summary, Fallout starts out in the year 2161 in a post apocalyptic world. After what was known as the Great War and some unfriendly nuclear exchange, the US was decimated in a wasteland. There were quite a few survivors that took refuge in fallout vaults/shelters before the war; however not all the survivors are …as they were. There is virtually no clean food or water, and everything you ingest causes radiation poisoning to some level. As a vault dweller in the games, you roam the Wasteland, influencing all you cross paths with for better or for worse.

Lonestar (as I’m sure you’ve already guessed) takes place in Texas. You will play as a Ranger, a law enforcer who works for the Lonestar Confederacy. How you decide to display your power will be entirely up to you. Will you be a righteous Ranger, standing up for good and the weak or will you be one that ensures that no mortal man breaks the law and you are swift with punishment to make an example out of criminals? And what about morally destroying dilemmas where either decision you make, you will lose something precious? We hope to pull these heartstrings and immerse you into this world that we are creating as well as stay true to what made you fall in love with Fallout in the first place.

Where you come in. Projects like these do not flourish if no one knows about it. Plus we want people to enjoy what we are making! So we could always use your support!

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We will also be updating our very own Fallout Lonestar page as well!

We are starting to get the ball rolling, and we want to spoil you guys with as many teaser updates as possible! We cannot do this without you, so please use those index fingers to give us a click! We have a wonderful team that would love your support and encouragement!


“War. War never changes”

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