The Shadow & The Star by Laura Kinsale

The Shadow & The Star by Laura Kinsale

Huzzah for the audiobook! –

In defense of her honor, innocent Leda Etoile has burned all her bridges and taken refuge in her tiny attic room in a shabby boarding house in London. But her last safe haven is invaded when she wakes to find a man hidden in the dark – a man with golden hair and the face of a fallen angel, who moves in the night like a shadow. Will he be her savior, or her ruin? Samuel Gerard draws her inexorably into the richest circles of aristocratic England. But even as Leda falls in love with a man she can never have, she must keep his secrets.

The incredibly successful pairing of Laura Kinsale and Nicholas Boulton has been honored once again, winning a THIRD Earphones Award from AudioFile Magazine, this time for The Shadow and the Star. Sweeping listeners from the jubilee parades of Park Lane to the flower-scented breezes of Hawaii, Boulton brings this beloved Kinsale classic to memorable life. –

Now you may be wondering why a romance audiobook made it onto my blog. I was fortunate enough to assist Nicholas Boulton with the Japanese phrases in the audiobook. For those who are unfamiliar with his name, Nicholas Boulton also voiced Male Hawke in Bioware’s Dragon Age 2, Major Coats in Mass Effect 3, and you may even recognize those deep, rich tones in Assassin’s Creed 3. HOW COOL IS THAT? Very.

Laura Kinsale is a fantastic writer, and I encourage you all to read her books. She paints a great picture in your mind and not once are you taken out of the world she paints.

You can find both of these amazing people on Twitter as well!


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